How to use Instagram on PC?

How to use Instagram on PC?

With more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, Instagram has become an essential step for any business that aims to deploy a social marketing strategy. The platform, hitherto tailor-made for publishing on mobile, now offers to post directly from a PC. Good news for companies, which can hardly do without an account on the famous social network.

There are two solutions for posting to Instagram from a computer:

  1. Via a browser: directly from the Instagram account using the photo or video publication tool.
  2. Via a dedicated tool: some tools, such as HubSpot or Hootsuite, allow you to post on Instagram from a PC.

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1 – Start Instagram

The first step is to open a page on a browser, launch the Instagram app, and sign in.

Instagram Feed

3 – Select the photo or video to publish

At this stage, a “Create a new publication” window allows you to select the photo or video to publish, either by using drag and drop, or by selecting it from the computer.

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New photo or video to post

4 – Use the carousel mode

To add other photos in carousel mode, all you have to do is click on the dedicated icon at the bottom right, select the next photo, then click “Next”.


5 – Crop the image

The image can be cropped using the “Crop” function and be adjusted to different formats:

The next step is accessible after clicking on “Next”.


6 – Apply filters

Filters are available to beautify the photo. It is also possible to make some adjustments to the level of brightness, contrast or saturation.


Touch-up settings

7 – Add a legend and a place

Before posting, it may be interesting to add a caption and / or a location, or even identify people to better describe the photo.

Add a caption and a location

Use a dedicated tool to post on Instagram from a PC

There are two types of tools for posting to Instagram from PC. The first is an inbound solution for a global management of the marketing strategy which integrates communication on the networks. It also makes it possible to mobilize content and use it within the framework of the social strategy.

The second is a social network manager, partner of Instagram who offers, for his part, a great freedom of action as well as the management of the entire marketing strategy on the various media.

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HubSpot’s social media management tool provides regular insight into the progress of subscribers on different social media. To post on Instagram from this platform, you must first connect the company’s Instagram account. To do this, simply access the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner, then “Marketing and Social Networks” and finally click on “Connect an account”. This screen gives access to several features, the most important of which are:

  • The publication to manage the planning of posts on Instagram.
  • Monitoring to know the activity of the Instagram account, in particular the follow-up of conversations or new subscribers.
  • Reporting to measure the performance of the communication strategy on Instagram.

HubSpot offers a pro version of its social media management tool. This takes into account SEO, online advertising, contact forms and chatbots.

HubSpot social media management tool


Agorapulse is a social media management tool that comes in the form of a mailbox. It communicates comments on Instagram posts and the reactions to them in real time.

It allows for the planning and posting of publications, offers monitoring of market trends as well as detailed reports on the results of the media strategy.

Agorapulse social media management tool


Hootsuite is one of the most popular platforms for community managers to post on Instagram from a PC. It offers the possibility of creating an entire marketing campaign from a dashboard that can be easily shared with all employees. It includes various parts such as defining the audience, planning publications as well as monitoring trends in the relevant brand sector.

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Hootsuite social media management


Buffer is an easy-to-use and very ergonomic publication planning tool. It offers the possibility of adding a location, recommending a hashtag or even creating a landing page. It is a collaborative platform on which it is possible to share the draft publication between the different members of the team. Buffer also offers an Instagram account performance analysis function and makes strategic recommendations to optimize the results of a campaign.

Buffer Post Scheduler


Iconosquare is a social media management tool historically designed for posting to Instagram from a PC. It allows you to schedule posts, stories and carousels via the API, without having to validate them. It also offers a feature to easily track and manage mentions and identifications on publications in order to engage in dialogue if necessary.

Iconosquare social media management tool


The inbound marketing solution, Marketo, offers social media management, including Instagram. It allows you to schedule publications and also offers solutions to increase content sharing. Marketo provides statistical reports and information on the networks most used by users to connect with the brand.

Marketo inbound marketing solution

To go further, download this free report and define your strategy on Instagram in 2021.

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