How to watch Turkish soap operas in Spanish?

How to watch Turkish soap operas in Spanish?

Turkish soap operas have positioned themselves on international television and have gained notable popularity in Latin America; even over local productions. Many of the telenovelas have been broadcast on Telemundo; and are currently available for viewing online.

One of the most popular and recent is “Hercai: Love and Revenge” directed by Cem Karcı Benal Tahiri which tells the love story of Reyyan Sadoglu (Şahin) and Miran Aslanbey (Akinözü) traced by revenge and betrayal. In addition to an engaging plot, viewers will be able to enjoy the exotic landscapes of Turkey, specifically the province of Mardin, where the scenes were filmed. The complete and ordered chapters are found on the official NBC portal and you can access it by clicking here. It should be noted that availability will be subject to the geographical space from where you access.

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