How to Write Product Sheets Automatically with AI? (Test)

Writing quality product sheets is not always easy, especially when you have to write them in a row. Whether writing a few dozen product sheets with unique text, without repeating supplier descriptions, or creating hundreds, the task can quickly become complex for a editor alone. Here’s how to write compelling product descriptions automatically with the help of AI-powered auto-writing software.

In this article, we will show you how to write attractive product sheets with this automatic writing tool (one of the best on the market).

3 reasons to be tempted by the use of automatic writing software to write product sheets

  1. You are lacking inspiration to write product sheets and tend to stay in the feature description. If you just describe the product without paying close attention to the text, you may miss some sales. Using an automatic writing tool can help you find engaging new phrases and phrases for readers.
  2. The description of a product is a key element of the sale. She explains product details and makes sure your customers have everything they need to make a buying decision.
  3. Writing product descriptions can be a tedious taskespecially when you have hundreds or even thousands of products.

Using a product description writing tool like this one can make your job easier. It helps you generate creative and unique copy that can boost your sales.

Here’s how.

How to create engaging product sheets with AI writing software?

AI product sheet writing

To write impactful product descriptions, you don’t necessarily need to be a seasoned writer. Sometimes all it takes is using the right tools.

Here are the different steps to follow to generate engaging product descriptions with automatic writing software :

  1. Create a free account on this site (2500 premium quality words are offered to all free accounts, which is more than enough to test the relevance of this type of tool for your activity);
  2. Once the account is created, use the module ” Product Descriptions which can be found in the “Electronic commerce” section of the tool;
  3. Enter the name of the product to be described in the ” Product / service name (must be less than 100 characters);
  4. Fill in the key characteristics of the product or service in the next section (the more complete you are, the better). You have 600 characters available;
  5. Fill in the tone of voice that suits you (excited, professional, encouraging, creative, funny, etc.). We recommend the professional tone here;
  6. Choose the writing language (if you have a multilingual store, you can generate product descriptions in 25 languages ​​with this tool);
  7. Choose the level of quality you want for the writing (we recommend “Premium”) to obtain the best possible quality;
  8. Click on ” Generate product descriptions » ;
  9. Select the one that suits you best and adjust what needs adjusting.
How to Write Product Sheets Automatically with AI? (Test)

Test of writing a product sheet: is AI really capable of writing a quality description?

How to Write Product Sheets Automatically with AI? (Test)

As part of our test, you told the tool these elements:

  • Product Name: Writesonic;
  • Features: Automatic writing software, writing possible in 25 languages, user interface in French, free version, easy-to-use tool, pleasant user interface, 2500 words offered for testing, very good writing quality, very useful for writing articles blog or product sheets;
  • Tone: professional;

Here are the results of 6 descriptions automatically generated (without reprocessing) in a few seconds as part of our Writesonic test:

“Writesonic is professional automatic writing software that makes it easy to write in 25 different languages. Its user interface is in French, so easy to learn. The free version offers 2500 words to test, and the writing quality is very good. It is also very useful for writing blog articles or product sheets. »

“The Writesonic automatic writing software is a must-have for anyone who wants to easily and quickly write blog articles or product sheets. With its user interface in French, its free version, and its easy-to-use user interface, this software is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. With its 2500 words offered in test, this software is also of very good quality and very useful for all those who want to write blog articles or product sheets. »

“Writesonic is the automatic writing software that allows you to write in 25 languages. Its user interface is in French, which makes it very easy to learn. Moreover, the free version gives you 2500 words to test, so you can see the quality of the writing for yourself. With Writesonic, you can easily write blog posts or product sheets. So why wait? Get your hands on this useful tool today! »

“Writesonic is automatic writing software that helps you write in your native language with ease. It is supported by 25 languages ​​and comes with a French interface. The free version is very easy to learn and has a nice user interface. It also offers 2500 to test, which represents a very good quality of writing. »

“Writesonic is the perfect automatic writing software for anyone who wants to learn to write in another language or just wants to have fun with a new hobby. It’s extremely easy to use, and the nice user interface makes it a pleasure to use. In addition, the quality of automatic writing is excellent. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Writesonic is the ideal choice for you! »

“Writesonic is automatic writing software that supports 25 languages. It has a French interface and is very easy to learn. The user interface is nice and the writing quality is very good. The free version offers 2500 words to test. »

As you can see from this test, it is not possible to ask the software to write a specific word count.

However, the more items you provide in the “product/service features” section, the more words the tool will produce.

If you want the tool to write more complete paragraphs, you can combine the “Product Descriptions” module with the module dedicated to writing longer texts from a shorter text (the “Sentence Expander” module or

As you can see, the output quality is pretty good even without being manually reworked by a professional editor.

Do you want to test this software for yourself? Registration is free and can be done here.

What do you think of the quality of the descriptions generated as part of our test? Have you also tested on your side in your niche? What are the results ? Do not hesitate to send us your feedback and your own tests!

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