How Warren Buffett got even richer from Apple

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If some shareholders have made known their opposition to the compensation of 99 million dollars for Tim Cook in 2021, this is not the case for Warren Buffett. It must be said that the investor has every reason in the world to rejoice in the work of the boss of Apple.

Apple is a goose that lays golden eggs for Warren Buffett

His company Berkshire Hathaway began buying shares in the Cupertino company in 2016. Gradually its stake rose to a 5% share of the Apple brand. Given the meteoric rise in value, Warren Buffet has therefore earned $100 billion in less than six years, according to chain estimates. CNBC.

Known for his flair in financial investments, the billionaire is not at his first attempt. But his success at Apple is beginning to bring to mind another famous investment he made in the past.

As a reminder, he had started to buy Coca-Cola shares in 1988. It was good for him since they have since increased… by 2000%. He now owns more than 400 million shares in the agribusiness giant and is not about to let them go.

In this context, we understand a little better the praise of the company Berkshire Hathaway towards Apple in its annual letter to shareholders. The Cupertino company is cited as the second of the four giants in the company’s portfolio.

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Tim Cook is described as ” brilliant ceo “. Warren Buffett adds that the leader of Apple ” Rightly considers users of Apple products his first love, but all of his other customers also benefit from Tim’s managerial touch. “.

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