How & Why to Advertise on Twitch?

It may be interesting to export to alternative platforms to advertise. It’s not just Facebook, Instagram and Google that allow you to use their space to promote your brand. Many alternative platforms like Reddit or even Waze provide advertising networks. Now let’s see what Twitch offers in terms of advertising for advertisers.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is quite simply the most used streaming platform in the world. With 24 billion hours watched on the network acquired by Amazon in 2014, this could well be an interesting opportunity for advertisers.

The principle of the site is simple: it is simply a live content delivery platform. Originally, Twitch was primarily occupied by gamers who share their games with their communities. But, the more the years pass, the more we observe a diversification of content on Twitch. You can find many shows that have nothing to envy to the big TV productions, like the weekly show Popcorn for example, hosted by Domingo.

Overview of the Twitch homepage
Overview of the Twitch homepage

All content is available free of charge, provided you are exposed to advertisements of course. It is nevertheless possible to support streamers by making donations. A subscription system is also in place, to support streamers monthly and avoid advertisements on the channel in question. And like Twitch is owned by Amazonit is possible to take advantage of a free subscription for Amazon Prime subscribers, a way of encouraging the community to support their favorite content creators.

Why advertise on Twitch?

A special audience

The first argument that can make a Twitch advertising campaign relevant to your business is its audience. Indeed, this platform makes it possible to reach the most alert generation about advertisements and therefore the most difficult to reach: the under 35s.

Nearly 75% of Twitch’s audience is between the ages of 16 and 34.

A growing audience

Twitch’s audience growth momentum is very positive. In 2021, hours watched on Twitch increased by 45%, according to Stream Elements. Helped by the various lockdowns in recent years, Twitch has been able to provide an alternative to live streaming media for younger audiences, and it’s working.

A site designed for the community

Twitch is a site that is designed to provide users with a unique experience in terms of interactions. The community is therefore very committed and the advertisement is not “intrusive”, even if it cannot be skipped. Regarding ad breaks during streams, they are at the discretion of the streamer, although Twitch recommends putting one per hour. Streamers usually notify their viewers of this ad.

Beyond traditional advertising displays, streamers choose the operations in which they participate very carefully. the community link is such that they do not want to disappoint their community. In reality, everyone wins by taking this side. Streamers know their community and know what might appeal to them, so you have a good chance of reach a qualified and engaged audience.

What ad formats are available on Twitch?

Twitch Premium Video

These are advertisements in video format that can be integrated into the live stream on mobile, computer, tablet and connected TVs. This video must be less than 30 seconds and cannot be skipped by the viewer. It is possible to pay extra to use a 60 second video.

Premium Video on Twitch Ads
Premium Video on Twitch Ads

Home page banner

Then, it is possible to embed a banner ad directly on the homepage of Twitch users. This banner adapts to different screen formats without negatively impacting the visual. It consists of 2 parts, one on the left, and the other on the right, which must have a dimension of 450×350 each. Twitch gives a lot of restrictions on this format, on fonts or borders, which are available on their site. To help advertisers create the banners, they can download a PSD template (for Photoshop) from the Twitch website.

Welcome banner on Twitch Ads
Welcome banner on Twitch Ads

Home page carousel

On the home page, we also find the carousel. it is a format that is intended more for streamers, or brands that sponsor streams. Indeed, the principle is to highlight a channel on the home page of Twitch. The carousel is also superimposed with the banner that we have just seen. The advertiser can therefore choose the small text extract that highlights the stream, to attract Internet users, within a limit of 250 characters.

Home carousel on Twitch Ads
Home carousel on Twitch Ads

Super Leaderboard

This format is more like a classic Display display, with a thin banner at the top of the page, which does not support video. This banner appears at the top of pages in the Twitch interface when the user browses through Twitch categories or search results. That is, this format does not appear on live content playback pages.

Super Leaderboard on Twitch Ads
Super Leaderboard on Twitch Ads

Medium Rectangle

This format appears among the contents of the site, quite naturally. When a user searches for a channel to watch, they may face this ad format. The format is 300×250.

Medium Rectangle on Twitch Ads
Medium Rectangle on Twitch Ads


This format is currently only available in America and Asia. It allows you to broadcast a link to a partner mobile game during a stream on your phone.

Streamables on Twitch Ads
Streamables on Twitch Ads

Other Ways to Advertise on Twitch

Apart from the displays we just saw, there are other ways to advertise on Twitch:

  • Use chatbots : if you are a partner with a streamer, it is possible to configure automatic messages in the live sound chat, to broadcast an (affiliate) link to your offer.
  • Go through the Bounty Board : This is a place in the Twitch Dashboard where Twitch connects advertisers with streamers. If they correspond to the conditions expected by the brands, the streamers can therefore apply for the operation. The streamer has the obligation to respect the various indications that are expected of him to ensure his remuneration. So you have to find a balance when choosing this, since no one will accept operations that are complicated, or that do not make sense for them and their community.

How to launch an advertising campaign on Twitch Ads?

If you are interested in launching an advertising campaign on Twitch, you will have to go through an agency or contact Twitch Ads directly from the form available on their website.

Now you know everything you need to know to start advertising on Twitch. It must be remembered that this is a community site, which has its own codes, and that you must appropriate them before hoping to advertise there. You have to soak up the “Twitch culture” and remember that it is an entertainment platform. If you have other platforms that are a little out of the classic Google or Facebook to send us, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments below.

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