Huge New York casino project includes crypto trading floor

Huge New York casino project includes crypto trading floor

Huge New York casino project includes crypto trading floor For Daily EditorBitcoin

An entire crypto trading floor is planned within the $ 3 billion New York casino project.


This is special news for those who love New York or live in the city. A Las Vegas-based asset manager and a Japan-based gaming giant are planning a multi-billion dollar casino in the American city that would include space for trading cryptocurrencies as well as a landing pad for flying vehicles.

A proposal for the casino will be sent to the local gambling authority before this Friday, January 7, according to a report from the outlet. Insider.

In addition to the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading floor, they want to build an esports stadium and facility for events like New York Fashion Week, the US Open, and the Fleet Week in your project.

“The goal is to have a differentiated but comprehensive approach to entertainment that goes beyond casino games with some very interesting elements”said former Las Vegas Sands board member Jason Ader in an interview in December.

Mirai Casino

The name “Mirai”, which was selected for the casino, is derived from the Japanese word for “future” and, according to current estimates, the project will cost at least $ 3 billion; however, the exact figure may vary depending on where it is built, which has yet to be determined.

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UE Resorts International is a subsidiary of the gaming technology provider based in Japan Universal Entertainment Corporation. He is working with Jason Ader and other partners.

Yes OK UE Resorts and Ader prefer the casino to be located in Manhattan, city officials have already voiced their opposition to the concept of building a casino in the district as such. Thus, Long Island and nearby counties are also being evaluated as possible locations.

26 Capital Acquisition Corp, andhe Ader business will be combined with a Universal controlled casino complex in the Philippines.

UE Resorts it intends to list its common shares on the Nasdaq in the future. According to the corporation, the planned casino in New York City is likely the company’s only venture in the United States.

As has counted Daily bitcoin, there is more excitement among crypto traders since Eric Adams was elected mayor of New York. Among the novelties of this enthusiast of the crypto ecosystem is receiving his salary in Bitcoin. Also, he said he wanted city schools to teach about crypto and Blockchain.

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