Hypochondria and Dr. Internet

Disease anxiety disorder also known as hypochondria is a relatively common condition.

What is hypochondria?

People who suffer from hypochondria are worried about having a serious illness, so they are constantly checking their physical condition and asking people about their health condition.

It is frequent that they consult their health provider with these concerns, and it is likely that the doctor, in the face of doubts and insistence of the patient, will indicate tests that are not even necessary, with the idea of ​​reassuring him, something that only occurs temporarily in the patient who suffers from this condition.

Medicine is a science that speaks in terms of probabilities, giving absolute certainty is not something that can be expected.

Health and illness is a process where in some moments we get sick and in others we are healthier, in the end if something unforeseen does not happen like an accident, our body will weaken and some medical condition will lead us to an outcome. It is a condition of the human being to live with uncertainty.

Getting sick is one of the most frequent fears. In this new technological context where communication systems and internet search engines allow us to collect the most varied information on medical issues, it has caused people fearful of having a disease, greater anguish.

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This is due to the fact that they interpret the content of the information in a biased way and under the influence of intense fear of having a serious illness.

How to consult reliable medical information?

It is advisable to look for information on the pages of recognized institutions and receive advice from the health provider when interpreting these contents and the symptoms that concern us.

If you think that you may suffer from an intense fear like this, the right thing to do for a proper diagnosis and treatment is to attend a mental health specialist.

Treatment of Hypochondria

The treatment is based on psychotherapy and sometimes psychotropic drugs. It is recommended that you have a primary care provider who knows this situation so that they can collaborate with the specialist in monitoring your health.

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