Hyundai is in talks with Apple

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The project is more and more concrete lately. Launched years ago under the code name “Titan”, the idea of ​​one day seeing an Apple car on our roads is truer than ever. Latest rumor to date about the car from Apple, the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai is in discussion with the Cupertino company. Information originally revealed by the Korea Economic Daily, but which has since been confirmed by the Asian giant to CNBC.

According to the source of the Korean newspaper, who seems very informed, discussions are progressing well between the two manufacturers, and the auto giant has already studied the project from Apple. All that would be missing is the “green light” from the big boss, Chung Eui-son. The latter would never yet have pronounced on the future partnership with the Apple brand, he who has just arrived at the top of the hierarchy of the Hyundai group could strike hard for one of his very first decisions.

Because the offer made by Apple seems quite complex and complete. Indeed, if Hyundai has to build the car as a whole, as rumors have suggested for a few months now, Apple does not have the technical capacity to do so. The car brand should also provide technical and technological assistance to Apple with regard to the design and large-scale manufacture of the batteries that will equip the Apple Car. Last month, a Reuters report indicated that Apple had plans to design “revolutionary” batteries for its vehicle, but these do not seem to be at the idea stage for the moment.

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Apple doesn’t want to build the Apple Car alone

A few days ago several historic subcontractors of the Apple brand, such as Foxconn and TSMC, had undertaken to design models of electric cars for customers other than Apple. An announcement which had been interpreted as a “preparation” for the production of the Apple Car, which then meant that the Apple brand had every intention of building its vehicle from A to Z. An engineering challenge colossal for Apple and the Apple supply chain, especially when you know the level of demand that awaits Apple’s car as soon as it is released.

The Apple Car will immediately be compared to Tesla’s best models, and it will have to hold the comparison if it doesn’t want to be the laughing stock of the fleet. In this respect, the possible deal with Hyundai is excellent news for Apple, which will thus have the support of a large automotive company, which will allow it to develop more quickly as well as to manufacture on a large scale, which is also more reliable.

At the moment, although rumors surrounding Apple’s car are a big deal in Apple news, no release date can be announced for sure. The project is only in its infancy, and if it continues at this pace of development, an Apple car could see the light of day in 2024 according to Ming-Chi Kuo, even if the latest announcements are rather counting on the end of the decade. – Official app

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