“I already offered,” says Galilea Montijo about the house where “Roma” was filmed

“Ya oferté”, dice Galilea Montijo sobre la casa donde se filmó “Roma”

The statuesque conductor Galilea Montijo was interested in acquiring the house where the Mexican director, Alfonso Cuaron filmed “Rome“, A film that launched Yalitza Aparicio to fame, or at least that is how he expressed it during the” Hoy “program.

And it is that a few days ago it was announced that the property, where the movie “Roma” was recorded, was put on sale, and while the note was presented in the program “Today”, where Galilea Montijo participates, the driver showed her interest in acquiring it.

“This is a divine command, it is like a divine message […] How much are we talking about? How much? ”He said before sending the note.

But after releasing the information, Galilea Montijo continued with the topic.

Galilea Montijo wants the house in “Rome”

“I already offered … so that it is clear to me where it was filmed,” said Galilea Montijo about the sale of the house from the movie “Roma”, which is located in the Roma neighborhood, in Mexico City.

Galilea Montijo was the object of ridicule and memes at the end of 2018 when during a morning broadcast, which is broadcast on the Televisa network, he made a mistake when talking about Alfonso Cuarón’s film, and thought that the film had been recorded in Rome and that the theme was developed in Europe.

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But her partner and colleague, Andrea Legarreta corrected her at the time, and later Galilea Montijo became a trend on social networks, due to her mistake.

However, the host took things with good humor and now that the property has been put up for sale, which was the scene of “Roma”, a film that won three Oscars, including best director, she stated that she had already “offered” for buy the property.

They want $ 750,000 for the property

During an interview for “Hoy”, the daughter of the owner of the property assured that they are asking $ 750,000 for the house.

He clarified that in the film also awarded with the Golden lion in Venice, only the facade and courtyard of the property for sale appear, as the interior was recorded on another property.


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