“I always dreamed of Madrid, I hope you understand me; it was too soon to go free”

"I always dreamed of Madrid, I hope you understand me; it was too soon to go free"

There was a lot of expectation to know what Kylian Mbappé was going to tell at the press conference that he announced just one day after launching a statement in Twitter in which he explained the reasons why he had decided to accept PSG’s renewal offer. The striker attended the media together with Nasser Al-Khelaifi at a press conference organized in the Princes Park. The striker thanked the fans of the real Madrid his support in these years and recognized that his renewal is a personal decision and not motivated by money.

Photo of Kylian Mbappe

your feeling: “We had goals before the season and I didn’t have to answer. Of course it was a difficult decision. All I did was take refuge in football. I also wanted to take the time to announce it.”

He just wants to talk about football: “I’m still a soccer player. I like to talk about soccer and discuss soccer and I like to fulfill this role as a soccer player.”

real Madrid: “Everyone knows that I wanted to go out in the summer and it was the best possible decision at that time. Years change. The context is different now. It is a different context. Now I know what I can contribute to my country, the country in which I dream of playing. There’s also a sentimental part. The project has changed. I think my story hasn’t ended here, both in sports and individually”.

Decision: “I made the decision last week and I didn’t tell my teammates. You are all surprised (laughs). Later, I made the decision after calling Florentino Pérez. I have great respect for them. They did everything to facilitate my arrival at the club and I thank him. I had a duty to tell him personally. We reached an agreement to finalize the details of the contract”.

Time goes by: “A year ago I didn’t think I’d be here. Now I’ve signed a new contract. It’s a personal decision. I don’t look to the future, now I just focus on my new contract. I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t know where I’ll be in three years”.

The importance of Messi and Neymar in his decision: “It is an honor to have the interest of those clubs. It is a pleasure to meet great players like Neymar and Messi. It was a difficult year. Messi arrived last summer and Neymar has had injuries. Afterwards, I think we talked a little, not much As I said, it’s a personal decision and they told me they were going to respect my decision.”

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Being captain of PSG and having announced that he wanted more responsibility: “To answer the first part of the question. I have always repeated that what I said three years ago was a mistake, the forms and the timing of the UNFP trophies. The timing was not good. Now, after having more maturity on the pitch, I think I have earned the respect of my teammates and my opponents. Then, regarding the project, there is no need to talk about responsibility to develop in a project. I have already been captain, it was a very important day for me. Marquinhos, the captain, deserves his armband”.

Say Maria: “He is a club legend. I am delighted to have played with him for five years. What I have to say is thank you very much and good luck.”

Message to Madrid fans: “I have always dreamed of wearing the Madrid shirt, I got to wear it when I was 14 years old. I am grateful to them, I understand their disappointment. I hope they understand the decision to continue in my country. I am French, as I have said, and as a French I have dreams of continuing and trying to see France and its championship at the top.”

image rights: “Image rights were discussed in April. We have talked less about the sporting aspect than anything else. We have talked more about image rights. We are going to fix it quickly with the national team because there is a competition that must be won shortly (the World Cup). We have to change football. The world of football has changed and things are coming. I do not demand great things. I want to manage my career as it corresponds to me and with the values ​​that I have learned. I am not going to revolutionize football. It is not my I’ve already had problems in my career. It’s a simpler thing. Before March they said I had problems with France… The president has already spoken. I haven’t had any problems fixing the problem”.

The striker attended the media at a press conference in which he was accompanied by the president of PSG, Al-Khelaïfi.

Interview in ‘Le Parisien’

After having appeared at a press conference, Kylian Mbappé attended the newspaper Le Parisien in a room in the Parc des Princes in an interview in which several media outlets were present. The striker has acknowledged that he did not reject Real Madrid to say yes to France and PSG, in addition to ensuring that he called Macron before making a decision.

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His influence on the PSG organization chart: “You have to know how to trust people. The project starts off on the wrong foot if your star player puts pressure on the sporting director. Everyone has to stay in their place. If the club hires a new sporting director, it is because he is competent. You have to give him time before putting Kylian Mbappé in his place. I’m a football player. Then, if you want to exchange, I can talk about football for hours. As with you or with anyone else. But I will not influence the hiring nor in sales, that’s not my job. I’m not good at it. Where I’m good is in the field.”

If you spoke with Karim Benzema before making a decision: “We didn’t talk. I didn’t want to give it too much importance. I know that everyone was talking about Karim and Kylian, about Kylian and Karim… But in the national team they only talked about dinner. We didn’t talk about Real Madrid. I didn’t want to force the situation. When we meet, we will discuss it. You will ask me why and I will explain this choice to you.”

The stories posted on Instagram by Real Madrid players: “I saw that all the Real Madrid players had published it. It’s not just him. You don’t have to be an eminence to understand that it comes from above, right? (Mbappé refers to another story published by Real players with the club logo).

On whether Pochettino will remain the coach: “The only guarantee I have is that he has a contract until 2023. I have a great relationship with him. It is the club that will decide. But I get along very well with him.”

The reaction to those who say in Spain that they have disrespected Madrid: “I didn’t have an agreement with anyone. I’ve always worked like this. We discussed the outlines of the contracts and then I made my choice. I’ve already done the opposite and you’re running out of time, time is running out. But I didn’t have any agreement. I can understand the disappointment. I thank you. All the madridistas wanted to welcome me as one of their own. I just want to thank you for all the love you gave me. I haven’t said no to Real Madrid. I said yes to France and to a new PSG project. call of the motherland and the capital. It was too early to go free.”

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He spoke with Macron: “We have exchanged several times. Let’s say it was good advice. He wanted me to stay, that is part of the negotiations. He is one of the several people with whom I have spoken about football. That is where you see that football has changed and that it has an important place in society”.

Ambassador of France: “If I’m an ambassador, they have to pay me (laughs). Our championship has been criticized a lot because we don’t defend it enough. We don’t have to be ashamed of our football. We don’t have to look better than we are, but we don’t have to be ashamed either. France occupies an important place. It’s important to remember that. I’ve been lucky enough to travel and other countries are proud. It would be nice if it were like that in this case.”

If it is easier to win the Ballon d’Or in Madrid than in Paris: “You can’t compare Madrid with Paris. Madrid is a much older club. But the Ballon d’Or rules have changed. We don’t care about the club. It’s the best player who receives the Ballon d’Or. It’s not like before It’s the one that burns the retina the most. It doesn’t matter where you play, if you’re the best you get the Ballon d’Or”.

If signing for three years saves leaving in two years: “No… But of course you think about it. You have to analyze all the parameters. You have to take the background into account. You don’t have to make the contract too short either. You shouldn’t make a fool of yourself either. That’s good. very long. I have time to invest in the project. In three years, you don’t know what can happen”.


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