“I don’t need to talk to Kroos, we look at each other’s faces and that’s it”

"No necesito hablar con Kroos, nos miramos a la cara y ya está"

A look was enough to settle the controversy. At least that is what Ancelotti has acknowledged. That after Kroos’ expletive being substituted against Chelsea, they didn’t even need to talk, with an exchange of glances in the locker room, both knew that everything had been resolved, that the German’s anger was due to a coach’s decision, not to Ancelotti as a person. “Kroos and I have not spoken, I don’t need to talk to Kroos, we looked at each other after the game, eye to eye and it was all over, there is no problem. Apart from sports, he is a person with a very high level”, he said. Everything, after emphasizing that he is someone who spends a lot of time creating a good atmosphere in the locker room and that this rudeness will not give more than himself. That the hatchets are buried.

About the party Sevilledid not evade acknowledging the importance and toughness that the match will entail: “We have had enough time to recover, we are fine and we want to play an energetic game. We need to win, score points, because LaLiga is not won. Everyone is waiting for the puncture of Real Madrid And I hope it doesn’t come. Every match can be a trap.” He also responded to Xavi, who pointed out that Barça is the most difficult team in the world because “it’s not enough to win, you also have to play well”. About it, Ancelotti said: “What is playing well? Here everyone has their opinion. Mine is to do well when you have the ball and when you don’t. You can make a spectacular defense, but that doesn’t mean you’re playing well, because if you don’t do what you need to do with the ball… And vice versa, if you attack well but don’t defend as well, you’re not playing well. Football is attacking and defending“.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

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Modric renewal

The Croatian, in the mouth of his coach, will retire in white, but it is not known when: “Modric is going to finish his career at Real Madrid. I don’t know when, but that’s the idea. He has no problems renewing and neither does the club, everything is quite clear. A legend like Maldini won his last Champions League at 40 years old. ..”. He also praised Militaryacknowledging that he himself has been surprised by the improvement in the last year, although it has given him a slap on the wrist in terms of concentration (“He is so top physically, that sometimes he trusts himself; he can improve in concentration”). And he applauded Vinicius Tobiasrecent signing that today he trained with the elders: “He is a very young player, who has a lot of quality. A right back with a lot of energy, who learns quickly, is serious. The idea is to count on him for the future“.


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