“I want to help PSG grow”


The interview marathon Kylian Mbappe has continued this Tuesday in the program of Rothen in RMC Sports, ‘Rothen s’enflamme’. The striker acknowledged that he has stayed to help the PSG to grow, in addition to evoking other reasons why he has finally decided to accept the renewal offer from the Parisians.

Photo of Kylian Mbappe

If you feel relieved: “I’m relieved, but it had become my daily routine. My priority has always been the pitch. The negotiations were long, so I learned to switch between the two, to be focused on the pitch and to think to take the best decision out of him.”

Why did you choose PSG over Madrid?: “I chose PSG, but not only PSG. I also chose France. I didn’t say no to Real Madrid, I only said yes to France and PSG. It’s an important factor. I wanted to stay a little longer in my country, which I He has given everything. I am beginning to understand the importance, they have made me understand it too, that I had here in France. And to go out like this, for free… although I know that I would have gone through the front door, because of my performances. When I say “being a great player”, I mean on and off the pitch. To make this gesture with France and with PSG, I think it was important.”

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If you had the impression of not having finished what you started: “I think my story at PSG is not over. I would have left as a great player, but not as an emblematic player. I always said I wanted to make history. You have to make sure you make history, not just say it. With this new contract , I give myself the opportunity to make history with PSG”.

What does it mean to be at the forefront of the project?: “I’m not all there is here. Of course, I’m a central part of the project, but I’m not up there all the time. That bothers me a bit because I’m still a player. What makes me who I am is that I’m still a player. I’m not going to start spreading myself too thin. I’ve heard a lot of things, unfortunately it’s already started: “Kylian doesn’t want it, Kylian wants it…” I’m not good at recruiting. I’m good on the field. you have to invest, but you don’t have to think that I have full powers in the club, the checkbook in my pocket. I want to help the club grow in all aspects so that PSG is a central place in football, but I think that will happen above all on the pitch.”

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What would you like to change in the locker room: “It is not my role to change what needs to be changed, that is the responsibility of the managers, of the important players. I think we have to create a soul”.

Winning the Champions, the supreme ambition: “Winning the Champions League is the highest ambition. I’m not going to do a five-minute monologue to tell lies, but I think that’s the ultimate goal. I don’t think we should skip stages. We are in this period of restructuring, but the The goal is still to win the Champions League. We are not going to say that we are in a transition season. Paris Saint-Germain is not a club in transition. But measures must be taken throughout the year to be prepared for these events, who are important to the club”.


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