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Quiero hacer esto público

Today I woke up wanting to thank someone very special to me, it is someone that regardless of the distance, I know I can count on her.

It does not matter if I call her at dawn, I know that she is ready to listen to me and what I value the most is that even though she does not speak to us for a long time, she never reproaches my absence because she knows my long working hours, but when we communicate it is as if after a single day, so today you deserve to be told and publicly.

Today I want to tell you that if ever my behavior was not up to the task I want to apologize to you or maybe if I said something that could have made you feel bad, also excuse me because I would never consciously do something that makes you feel bad.

So I want to thank you for everything you have given me in this time; your company, your selfless support, your understanding and above all the peace of mind that you give me every time we share, and I know what you’re thinking

“Maria, who are you talking about?” I’m talking about my lifelong friend, and I say to her: “I don’t have to say your name and surname, because you know who you are, in life one can change your mind and even your partner but never your twin friend like you I call, because with you I have forgotten sadness and multiplied my smiles ”.

If you have a friend like mine in your life, who lights the way for you when you see everything dark, who just with a glance you already know what happened, send her this column to remind her that although time separates them, their hearts will always be connected .



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