I want your life | Release date, cast, synopsis and more

I want your life | Release date, cast, synopsis and more

Salma Hayek is preparing her new film “I want your life” but this time as a producer with her label VentanaRosa Productions. This is the first film of the renowned actress, a project in which she works with Televisa and Univision for the premium service of the ViX streaming platform. The film has already begun filming in Mexico City.

The plot of the film follows the story of Nico, a young soccer player who must interrupt his promising career due to a devastating injury on the pitch. Eight years later, the young man is still bitter and complaining about what could have been his life as a soccer star until the universe magically gives him the opportunity to lead the life he always dreamed of, and that’s when he realizes that fame and glory can be very deceiving; while happiness can indeed come in unexpected ways.

At the moment it has not been revealed if Salma Hayek will maintain her role as producer or will also surprise her fans with a performance in the film.

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