Iberdrola Challenge | Espanyol does its homework and promotion to First Division will be played against Levante las Planas

El Femenino se alegra.

The one who set the schedule for the North Group of the Iberdrola Challenge could have been a great Hollywood screenwriter. The last day could not be more exciting. Levante las Planas won their match against AEM Lleida (0-2) and is the leader with 59 points. They are followed by Espanyol, who got rid of Seagull (3-2) and add 58, all this after an hour of suffering that Adriana Martín resolved with a great goal. Osasuna lost all options by losing to Barcelona B despite being the leader (5-2): he has 56. Therefore, both teams, which will meet next weekend in Sant Joan Despí, will play the final of the finals. Espanyol only cares about winning.

The heat was the protagonist throughout the match in Sant Adrià. The hype and encouragement could be heard from the stands when Merino silenced the sports city after six minutes. A good deep pass was used by the forward to make a great control and beat Myllyoja with the right. Seagull, already relegated, stood up with a very dynamic game, but Rubén Casado’s men quickly got back into the match.

A deep pass to Khimich was taken advantage of by the Ukrainian, who arrived at the entity a few months ago, she took advantage of it to get into the kitchen and receive a clear penalty from Valeriano. Baudet transformed it with a good hit to the side, which the goalkeeper Alba touched. The 1-1 contrasted with the news that arrived from the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. For once the parakeets expected a victory for Barcelona B over the leader Osasuna, and at that time the score was already 2-1.

Espanyol Shield/Flag

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The Seagull crashed a ball into the post and continued to dominate more than the Blue and Whites, nervous when the ball came out, stuck in attack and with cracks in defense, but their individual superiority had to be imposed as the minutes went by. First it was Adriana Martín, who missed a frank shot that goalkeeper Alba deflected with her foot. But he did not forgive in the second one that he had just a few seconds later. A center to the second from Caracas that Adriana connects with her left foot and the outside and that she touched the post before kissing the net. Espanyol did their homework while Levante las Planas paved the way (0-2, against AEM Lleida).

But the Seagull did not prove to be bottom and, just before relegation, took advantage of a melee after a corner kick to equalize again (2-2). The second part reached the point of despair, because the Blue and Whites crashed a thousand times against the ‘gavines’ defense, while the clock was ticking and the temperature was rising, until Adriana Martín, who else, brought out her class to score that expected 3-2 with barely ten minutes left. A goal that can be worth a promotion. Since her arrival, Espanyol has surrounded her with a special aurea. The best argument to dream of the desired promotion.

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