Ibiza contains Las Palmas

Ibiza contains Las Palmas

Ibiza contains Las Palmas

UD Ibiza and UD Las Palmas tied (1-1) this Sunday in the match played at Can Misses. A duel that anyone could have won, but that stopped the team from Gran Canaria in their climb to reach the play-off for promotion to the First Division since it is their second consecutive draw. While, the Ibizan block added a point that allowed them to react after the setback in Burgos, although the mathematical permanence will have to wait at least one more day.

The two teams starred in a beautiful first half, intense and electric, with arrivals in both areas. With Ibiza better established, the first important notice was given by the visiting team.

It was Moleiro, one of the great pearls of the yellow quarry, who took a whiplash from almost the front of his sleeve. The hit, dry and intentional, crashed into the post in minute 5 of the game.

However, the block trained by Paco Jémez continued to be very involved. So much so that he also had a very clear chance. Valles, goalkeeper for the yellows, got involved when taking the ball out and gave it to Ekain. The Basque, once again a starter at the light blue attacking point, picked up the gift, but could not beat the visiting goalkeeper, who reacted in time to prevent the Ibizan goal in the 8th minute.

The pitiusos continued very strong. Cristian Herrera, Ibiza’s top scorer, began to appear and he was very motivated. He had two chances to score, but the one in the 18th minute was especially clear. He stole the ball from the defence, dribbled past an opponent and in hand-to-hand was unable to do so with a once again spectacular Valles, who repelled the kick from the Ibizan winger.

No team hid and Cardona proved the reliability of Germán. The winger only reached the front, in a defensive mismatch for Ibiza, and violently hit the ball. However, the goalkeeper of the Balearic block repelled the ball. After half an hour, Jonathan Viera tried to score with a direct free kick, but the ball was lost outside.

Las Palmas began to dominate a little more possession. And in a play, shortly before the break, Viera’s magic appeared. The captain of the Canarian block entered the area and received a golden ball filtered by Lemos. Viera skillfully touched the ball to beat a Germán who came close to the ball (0-1, minute 40). Las Palmas struck the first blow.

And he was able to give the second, and almost definitive, in the initial moments of the second half. However, Germán blocked two clear chances from Kirian and gave his team some air. An Ibiza that equalized the game from set pieces, a resource that is giving it a lot of revenue this season. Aerolineas David Goldar flew, in a corner served by Cristian Herrera, to finish off with an unappealable header in the 61st minute and establish a more than fair tie. The Galician central defender has already scored seven goals this season, in which he is performing at a spectacular level.

The goal gave wings at times to Ibiza, who wanted a victory to certify the permanence in Second in a mathematical way. The sky-blue team reached Valles’ goal with danger, with shots from Herrera and Goldar. But also, in the final stretch, UD Las Palmas turned to avoid the stumbling block. He was able to achieve it especially with a shot by Lemos that Germán repelled, and with a direct free kick thrown by Viera that put a scare in the body of the Ibizan fans. In the end, one point for each team.

Paco Jémez: “The tie is not unfair”

“I don’t think it’s unfair to talk about a tie,” declared the coach, who once again insisted that the Canarian team is “the best endowed in the category” in the technical section. “We have been able to take the ball from them in many moments. We have created many chances for them and we should have gone into the break with a favorable result and, nevertheless, we have left with one against. In the second half we had very good phases, in which we had the ball, made very good possessions and arrived, and that’s where the goal came from”, declared a Jémez who also said that he saw his team “a little tired” in the final stretch, demanded by the rival. “I think we played a very good game against a very good opponent”, added the coach of the Ibiza block.

Jémez explained that they want to “show” their fans that they don’t go with Ibiza about “disconnecting”. “We have the obligation to compete for all the points and to play the best games we can. And we still have many things to do between now and the end, especially in terms of the ability to continue improving”, indicated the Celeste coach, who also stressed that they must win an away game because they haven’t done it for a long time.


Rafa Mujica (45′, Sadiku), Davo (62′, Raul Sanchez), Robert Gonzalez (66′, Jesse), Fabio Gonzalez (76′, Alberto Moleiro), Alvaro Jimenez (78′, Ekain), Galvez (96′, Juan Ibiza), Javier Perez (96′, Molina)


0-1, 40′: Jonathan Vera1-1, 61′: David Goldar


Referee: Gorka Sagués Oscoz
VAR Referee: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos
sadiku (23′, Yellow) diop (28′, Yellow) Ekain (30′, Yellow) Gonzalo Escobar (52′, Yellow) Jonathan Vera (57′, Yellow) John Ibiza (88′, Yellow) Alvaro Jimenez (95′, Yellow


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