Iconic sculpture of the girl in New York will have its NFT – DiarioBitcoin

Iconic sculpture of the girl in New York will have its NFT - DiarioBitcoin

Iconic sculpture of the girl in New York will have its NFT - DiarioBitcoin For DailyBitcoin Editor

Sculptor Kristen Visbal said proceeds from the NFT sale of the Fearless Girl sculpture will be used to uphold the original message of the artwork and empower women in crypto.


The sculpture Fearless Girla girl with her arms on the sides of her back and in the attitude of a superhero is, without a doubt, a symbol of New York.

It is a bronze sculpture made by the Uruguayan artist Kristen Visbal, commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, an asset management company. It was installed on March 7, 2017 in anticipation of International Women’s Day the following day. It represents the empowerment, the value, the strength of women before the future.

Now the sculpture can be within everyone’s reach, as it has been transformed into non-fungible token, NFT.

As can be seen on the project website, the sculpture will be in several different collections. This says the page:

“The iconic Fearless Girl as NFT! Wall Street sculpture is represented in hand-rendered digital artworks presented in three collections. The Interstellar Collection combines digital art with a 22 Fearless Girl bronze miniature cast using the 6,000 year old lost wax process.

The Superstar Collection presents the micro-movie as an NFT where Fearless Girl evolves from stardust particles in a creation story. Artist Kristen Visbal’s storyboards are brought to life digitally by Michael Miller of 9ifx.net and his team.”

Dedicated to the crypto woman

Likewise, it expresses on the website of the project NFT that the intention is to encourage women to enter the crypto world and end the gender disparity in the ecosystem. She says like this:

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“The ultimate message behind Fearless Girl is one of gender collaboration. The benefits of gender diversity in decision making have long been a topic of research dating back to the early 1960s. Research dictates that decision makers achieve an improved environment, better decisions, and higher profitability when the genres work together”.

“The gender investment gap in cryptocurrencies between men and women exceeds the traditional financial gap. A study by Momentive for CNBC and Acorn found that men are twice as likely to own and invest in crypto with 16% of men investing versus just 7% of women. We hope that Fearless Girl’s NFTs will encourage women to invest in this exciting new financial space.”

Reports: “Your purchase of NFTs will help Fearless Girl be used for free in programs and events that benefit people and promote change.” Clarifies: “The name Fearless Girl has been registered as a trademark and the work cannot be used as a trademark to promote a company.”

Empowerment, says the sculptor

In an interview with Cointelegraph, sculptor Kristen Visbal reiterated how she intends to use NFT to empower women in crypto. According to Visbal, the piece is a symbol that fights for equality, the need for gender collaboration and parity. She explained:

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“Fearless Girl legally represents women’s empowerment, equality, equal pay, support for women in leadership positions, women’s education, workplace education for bias prevention and wellness women generally”.

Now, with the arrival of the NFT, Visbal has found a new platform to spread the message of the Fearless Girl statue.

Likewise, Visbal told that medium that with the profits “will defend this work as a work created for the population” for the figure to be used in programs and events for the benefit of the people.

release schedule

On the web he explains that the initial launch was yesterday, with the auction of edition number 1/5 of the microfilm super star.
The reserve is USD $7,500 USD or 3.05 ETH (price of ethereum to 05/11/2022)

In addition, it will launch Interstellar Collection which can be purchased with or without a 22″ bronze sculpture.

Option 1: Digital Art + Physical Art Quantity: 125 NFTs
Whitelist Price: (USD $8,000 USD) 3.25 ETH (price of ethereum from 05/11/2022)
Published price: (USD $9,000 USD) 3.65 ETH (price of Ethereum to05/11/2022)

Option 2: Digital art only. Quantity: 100 NFTs
Whitelist Price: (USD $2,800 USD) 1.14 ETH (price of ethereum from 05/11/2022)
Published price: (USD $3,500 USD) 1.42 ETH (price of ethereum to 05/11/2022)

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Then there will be another auction on Tuesday MAY 24, 2022

The microfilm auction will begin Fearless Girl + Superstar artist proof of full size.

The reserve is USD $257,500 USD or 104.56 ETH (price of ethereum to 05/11/2022)

The first 100 of the seven will be released Interstellar Trading Cards.
White list price: ($350 USD) 0.14 ETH (price of ethereum from 05/11/2022)
Published price: (USD $500 USD) 0.20 ETH (price of ethereum to 05/11/2022)

If you want to get information directly, you can do it on the page NFT website.

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