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7 original ideas to ask for marriage


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Although marriage is no longer a mandatory practice as it was a few years ago, the truth is that many people around the world still choose it as a way to seal their love and often seek ideas to ask for marriage.

If you are planning to make a proposal of this type, below we give you a list with seven options on original forms and places that will be of great help.

Ideas To Ask For Marriage

Ideas To Ask For Marriage

  1. If you both have a pet that is part of the family, you can include it in this idea and tie around its neck (carefully and without hurting it) a bow containing the ring and a paper with the phrase: “Will you marry me?” In this way, you will surprise your partner and also make your dog feel a fundamental part of this moment.
  2. For many people, the celebration of Christmas is a good option since the whole family is together and this will allow them to be part of the proposal. Therefore, you can take advantage of the gift delivery and place one with the ring under the tree.
  3. Going out to dinner maybe a common practice that you do with your partner. However, this can be a plus for you, since you will not even imagine what you are about to do. Choose a different place, talk to the waiter who will attend you, and organize the surprise with him.
  4. You can choose many ways to invent, for example, that your house is leaking water and you need to come back to fix the problem. Once you do, you will find yourself on the nearest table with a balloon that contains an envelope with your name, and inside you will be able to read the proposal. Of course, you must appear soon to continue with the order personally.
  5. If you have the opportunity to travel to a heavenly place, without a doubt you should take the opportunity to ask the person you love to marry. You do not have to spend a lot of money since with a simple stone path that leads to the rings you will surprise her and both of you can hug while listening to the waves of the sea.
  6. Currently, there are many agencies that specialize in creating fun videos for wedding proposals. Go ahead and find funny photos of the two of you and excite the person you love with this innovative idea.
  7. One of the simplest ways to ask for marriage has to do with not doing something extraordinary, but rather something intimate and as part of your daily life. If you are from this group of people, prepare a delicious breakfast and, without thinking too much, express all your love and ask them to be together forever.
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These options will help you prepare unforgettable ideas to ask for marriage proposal. You just have to take into account the tastes of your partner, choose the most suitable, and prepare it with a lot of patience and love.

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