Ideas to set up your own cafeteria or coffee corner at home

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For coffee lovers, there is nothing like starting the day with a good cup of coffee. Why not do it in a nice place specially designed for it inside the home? Make space and record these 11 ideas to set up your own cafeteria at home.

The aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, the atmosphere, the decoration… Dare to recreate the special atmosphere of a coffee bar. Are you missing meters? It doesn’t matter, with very little you can create your ‘coffee station’ in your kitchen or living room.

The majority of the population cannot start the day without getting their daily dose of caffeine into the body, that is, without having at least one cup of coffee to wake up and get going. That’s why there’s no shortage of that stop at your favorite cafeteria or bar on your daily commute to savour your hot cappuccino, cortado or caffe latte before heading to your job. But certainly, there is an infinitely more beautiful and special way to continue enjoying that cup of coffee every day and at the same time, your pocket doesn’t notice it so much. Of course, you will say, even if you have an espresso machine at home, it is not the same… However, if you continue reading, you will like to know that creating a coffee corner or coffee bar at home is one of the most inspiring trends to try in 2020, according to the Pinterest trends report. And that mounting it is not that difficult. Today, you can have a multifunctional home thanks to technology and flexible schedules, and doing everything from home is easier than ever. And how could it not be to be able to have a good coffee enjoying an authentic experience, without leaving it, even reproducing the special atmosphere that is breathed in a coffee bar?

If you have a hole in the dining room or kitchen, do not hesitate. Having your own coffee station is a matter of preparing and gathering a list of things, taking into account what you will need in your day to day life: an espresso machine or a more professional coffee machine, assorted capsules, sugar, sweeteners. of various types, cups, spoons, napkins, something to eat or snack with coffee (a cookie tin, a cake or biscuit dish), and of course, these ideas that will greatly inspire you when decorating your corner of coffee, whatever your style. And if you don’t exactly have meters to spare, there are many options to take advantage of the wall space, use a corner of the living room or another room in the house or even resort to auxiliary furniture that will allow you to savour a good coffee, tea or chocolate. If you’re not a coffee drinker and you prefer tea or infusions, don’t be afraid to adapt this inspiration to set up your own ‘tea corner’ with everything you need to savour your teas, rooibos and assorted infusions. Let’s do it!

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Integrated into your kitchen

If you have the opportunity to plan your kitchen from the beginning, consider the possibility of reserving a space with part of the countertop to place the coffee maker and other elements and if you can, a small sink, very useful to have the water to make the coffee or infusions.

You can take the opportunity to place it next to the microwave tower and the oven or if you have a free wall, take advantage and mount it there. Do you have more space? Provide a sofa, armchair, chairs or high stools to be able to sit quietly and enjoy your hot cup.

hidden in furniture

When you don’t like to show small appliances, an impeccable solution is a panelling in the same style as kitchen furniture. So your coffee station will appear out of nowhere just by opening a couple of cabinets and is hidden when not in use. You can also use the Coffee Table gun safe if you want to hide your firearms.

A cabinet or sideboard

In any style, drawers, doors, shelves, a storage cabinet or a sideboard are all you need to house a coffee maker, cups and other coffee items.

on the kitchen counter

A bar probably configures one of the most authentic aesthetics when it comes to recreating a cafeteria. If you have an open or integrated kitchen in the living room or dining room, try to take advantage of the bar with the stools, to place your coffee bar right there.

take advantage of the wall

That is, with light shelves or wooden shelves on which to support plates, cups, coffee and assorted infusions, biscuit tins, teapots, sugar, paper cups, napkins… To give a more personal touch, don’t forget to put a small pot with a plant or a vase of flowers.

With the help of auxiliary furniture

Of course, if you don’t have a lot of space, you can really set up your coffee station in any room in your house, with the help of furniture such as carts on wheels, bookcases, shelves … The result is just as charming.

minimal style

You will get it with a simple sideboard, without handles or elements that stand out. Then it will be enough for you to place everything you need on it, without forgetting to give it a roll with deco elements such as a wooden board, a vase with dry branches or a painting with an artistic sheet leaning on the wall.

Details that give personality.

If you like the idea of ​​recreating the atmosphere of a real coffee shop as much as possible, go ahead and include elements that make you feel as if you were in one of them: a blackboard with magnetic letters to reproduce the prices of each variety of coffee, a professional coffee machine, cardboard cups, a coffee grinder, a cup hanger for the wall, baskets for spoons and napkins, coffee packs in different varieties…

You can even liven it up with the background noise of people and hustle and bustle at the bar: in Coffitivity you can find audios that will make you feel like you’re in a cafeteria but without leaving home. Cool or not?

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