“If Camavinga wants to be a six, he has to sacrifice”

"Si Camavinga quiere ser un seis, se tiene que sacrificar"

Arrived from Brazil, he began his career as a striker and in the same test he discovered his taste for defense. Casemiro, the nickname man born of bad screen printing, is now one of the best defensive pivots in the world.

The Brazilian signed from Sao Paulo and has become a benchmark, forming a legendary midfield with Kroos and Luka Modric. With them he has won three consecutive Champions Leagues, with Luka in Lisbon and now, together, they want to expand their record in Paris. In the previous Casemiro granted an interview to El País and spoke about who could be his ‘heir’, Eduardo Camavinga.

Camavinga still has to choose if he wants to be eight or six. If you want to be a six, you have to sacrifice for others, you have to help your teammates,” assured about the French.

Before, he left him several lessons about the midfielder job at Real Madrid. “Sacrifice for others and not have the leading role. What people want is to score goals, give assists and play beautifully. And the pivot, especially in Madrid, is sacrifice, helping teammates, stealing balls, covering gaps… Sometimes people don’t see that. The midfielder sacrifices himself much more for the rest,” he added. In addition, he explained, that he has increased his efforts and demands with the passing of the seasons. “I run even more than five years ago. Because when you win, you can get people used to always giving the highest level. The key is to stick with it.”

The midfielder also analyzes how football is viewed and the goals and assists data capitalizes on the performance meters. “People always see goals and assists, and believe that football is this. And no, it’s much more. It’s covering gaps, helping teammates, talking to them, putting out fires on all sides. PBecause people see the goals, but this is not the case. The great example is Karim. He’s scoring a lot of goals and people talk about him and the Ballon d’Or, but nothing has changed for me. He’s the best nine for years,” he explained.

A football that he has enjoyed together with Carlo Ancelotti, whom he describes as “lord of football” and who tells how his first conversation was in which the Italian justified him because he did not play as much in the first stage in which they met at Real Madrid. “In the end, there is respect if he chooses one or the other. In the first stage he preferred others because he had high quality players. I respect him. This year I am enjoying him a lot, I am here to help”, added the midfielder.

He wants to close the year with the finishing touch that the title of European champions would mean, but he recognizes that this Champions League is already the club’s history. “These are historic matches. Of course, if you don’t win the title, you leave with the feeling that we didn’t achieve what we wanted, But the nights we’ve made don’t go out. That is the history of the club”, he sentenced.

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