If he does not send you many texts, it means that he loves you more, says prestigious psychologist

Si no te manda muchos textos es que te ama más, afirma prestigiosa psicóloga

How many times have you thought that if he does not write to you it is because he has no interest? Before you get to the worst of it, read on because there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

According Theresa E DiDonato, a psychologist and researcher at Loyola University in Maryland, published an article that explains that, contrary to what we think, constantly texting between a couple may not be the most positive thing for the relationship.

According to the researcher, the more messages people receive text, the more they feel obligated to send text messages. This results in a virtual communication cycle that subtracts from the live relationship.

If it becomes a dependency pattern by either party, the messages can cause more problems than anything else.

In the beginning, and according to people in heterosexual relationships, frequent messages make them feel happier. But not everything is as it seems.

The psychologist points out that couples who write too much could be in trouble. Why?

Text messages offer certain distance and they are not the ideal way to tackle complex issues or deal with problems.

Also, if it is done there are many possibilities of misinterpret the words.

The fewer messages couples exchange and the more in-depth conversations they have, the more stable they will be. It is a fact, explains the psychologist.

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