If not reduced, the notch of the iPhone 12 is more imposing

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Remember: as late as the last quarter of 2020, rumors of a smaller notch for the iPhone 12’s front panel were rife. Many hoped that Apple would follow the advances proposed by the competition, which now markets punches or complete screens thanks to popup cameras. At Oppo, the format even grants itself a design compared to a shark fin.

Despite everything, it will not be the case with the announcement of the famous high-end devices. Indeed, the keynote will have left on their hunger many curious who waited impatiently for the return of a diagonal not nibbled. Moreover, the result is even… More striking than before!

Figures and differences

Concretely, where the notch iPhones before the current generation rarely exceeded five millimeters in width, this is now the case for new models. They are all entitled to a notch of 5.3 mm high or more: not very effective to enjoy an optimal experience during a video game session.

The good news is that the signs are still rather encouraging for the future: the noise of hallway assuming the arrival of a maximized case / panel ratio continues to flow. But the analysts still contradict each other on this, so who knows?

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