If you have covid-19 and have not required hospitalization, what should you have at home

El Covid-19 puede tener una variedad de impactos en tu salud y bienestar, aun si no requieres hospitalización, por lo que debes estar bien provisto en tu casa para no salir y atravesarlo lo mejor posible

Before him growth of covid-19 infections in the United States, and many other points on the planet, due to the rapid expansion of the Omicron variantIt is essential to know what each family should have at home, to be able to face the disease in case of contracting it and not warrant hospitalization.

The first is a thermometer, and batteries in case this is electric. Also have on hand a homemade oximeter. Take the temperature and oxygen level measurement as frequently as directed by your doctor. Any change you should notify him immediately so that he can tell you how to act.

Do not forget to have enough masks and use them, even though you are isolated from other members of your family. They must also have the necessary to protect themselves.

Make a sufficient stock of disinfectants, soap and cleaning products in general. These products have become indispensable, and it is necessary that you never run out of them.

It has the fever and pain medicine that your doctor indicates. You should also try to have at home all the medications you take regularly; 30-day supply is recommended.

If the doctor has indicated it, you will like a expectorant for the dry cough that this disease usually produces.

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It is a good idea to have medicines to relieve symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea, same that many times appear with covid-19. Given this, in addition, it is essential to have fluids with electrolytes without caffeine.

Always have at hand the data of your doctor. He will tell you the best way to get in touch with him if necessary. Too the details of your clinic nearest or if you have a community health center nearby, in case you do not have insurance.

Do not forget to have data from sites that offer therapies to lower your risk of serious illness.

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