iFixit played the seven differences between MacBook Pro M1 and M2

MacBook Pro M2

Apple announced the release of a 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 at the last WWDC. While the laptop has been on sale for several days on Apple’s online store, iFixit’s experts have been working on their disassembly of the computer, seeking in particular to show the few points of modifications that may exist between the MacBook Pro M2 and the M1 version of this same MacBook Pro released at the end of 2020.

According to the first opinion of the experts, not many changes are to be expected. The outer case of the computer is identical on both models. Only the EMC number is different, which makes it possible to distinguish between the two computers.

Two very similar computers

Digging around the computer, iFixit noted a few differences, especially on the motherboard and heatsink. The latter has slightly more rounded corners in the M1 version of the computer, while those of M2 are square. After rummaging through the two MacBook Pros, iFixit teams tried swapping the M2 and M1 chips.

According to their experiences, the M2 card was able to fit into the M1 case but the latter failed to boot properly because the device could not detect internal devices. It is therefore impossible to carry out a “swap” of the motherboard to put an M2 chip in a device that is not designed to receive it.

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A different SDD read speed

In the rest of their little experiment, iFixit looked at the SSD read speed of the new MacBook Pros. At the heart of many criticisms in recent days, the SSD of the MacBook Pro M2 is indeed slower than that of the M1 version of the computer. The fault of a 256 GB flash chip on the M2 version of the MacBook Pro. The computer with the M1 chip had two 128 GB flash chips which brought more speed.

This hardware explanation also justifies the lack of difference in reading speed for the MacBook Pro M1 and M2 with 512 GB of storage. As a reminder, the MacBook Pro M2 is available for purchase with a starting price of €1599. The MacBook Air M2, whose design was praised at the last WWDC should make its arrival in stores for July 15 according to the latest rumors.

MacBook Pro 13″ M2 256 GB at the best price Base price: €1,599

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