Apple MAC iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, what to expect in early...

iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, what to expect in early 2021?


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The sources concerning the imminent arrival of new models in the range of Apple computers are starting to be more and more numerous, and more and more serious. Apple’s supply chain is gearing up for the arrival of a new iMac Pro, along with a new version of a MacBook Pro for the first months of 2021, according to a new report from Nikkei Asian Review.

If there is still little information on the possible novelties that its products will bring, it is very likely that they will ship an Apple Silicon processor, putting a little more Intel sides. But that Apple processor might not be the M1 chip we discovered a few weeks ago. Indeed, some rumors speak of a new processor which will equip the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro, the latter would therefore have a major evolution and could thus stand out from the shadow made by the first MacBook Pro M1 released in November.

An M2 chip and mini-LED screens?

The Nikkei Asian Review report does not give many more hypotheses on the possible novelties of these two models, expected during the year 2021. But by crossing the information about them, we learn that the famous Ming- Chi Kuo has already announced that the next MacBook Pro will be “redesigned” just like the iMac Pro which should accompany it at its launch.

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Finally, still according to this analyst, it would be possible to find mini-LED technology on the next MacBook Pro, which should be one of Apple’s major improvements in 2021. According to the Apple expert, the latter plans to introduce this technology on the new iPad Pro as well as on the next MacBook Pro, before perhaps taking the plunge and offering the mini-LED on the flagship model of the brand: the iPhone.

With the launch last month of its M1 chip, Apple has given a prominent place in its range to its computers. With the evolution of the iPad Pro in recent years, many began to abandon the Apple computer for the tablet of the company, just as powerful and perhaps more practical to use.

But the year 2020 has seen users see the real plus of a MacBook, with the pandemic many are telecommuting and Apple’s computer sales have exploded this year. Apple’s computer branch has just given itself many years to come.



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