Images and information tactical vehicles Nomad GCS 2021

Images and information tactical vehicles Nomad GCS 2021

We live in the middle of the digital age, in the connected world, but there are still some corners of the planet that they escape the usual communication networks. Although there is no problem when we are left without coverage, there are special commands and emergency services that cannot remain isolated for a single second.

For this type of clients there is Nomad GCS, a renowned company that develops mobile communication bases extremely capable with a focus on connectivity, wherever you want to go on the globe. As noted from Nomad GCS, these custom rolling media platforms are unrivaled in their capabilities.

Images and information tactical vehicles Nomad GCS 2021

The latest product of the company is the TCV, TCV-X and TCV-Max, developed on the basis of the powerful Ford F-350, although if you gossip on the website you will see that there are vehicles for all tastes and needs. Essentially, the models offered are centralized communication platforms prepared for the most difficult terrain.

All the Nomad tactical commando vehicles They are manufactured to meet specific customer needs and serve a wide variety of industries. The inclusion of specialized communication devices include satellite dishes, extendable radio antennas, and any gadget you can think of.

To make sure your vehicles get anywhere, the Nomad GCS team adds a new communication team Fox off-road suspension, outer shield and wheels and tires focused on traversing the roughest terrain. There are also winches available and an automatic pylon leveling system, among many other accessories.

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