Apple Watch Images of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on...

Images of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on Twitter


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Giulio Zompetti is known to frequent users of the blue bird social network for regularly sharing images of prototypes of Apple products. This week, he posted photos on Twitter of one of the very first Apple Watch prototypes. While the brand’s smartwatch is instantly recognizable, with very little change in design, there is something else that strikes at first sight anyone who owns an Apple Watch today.

Indeed, the sensors of the latter are not positioned in a diamond pattern as is the case since the release of Series 1. In this prototype, Apple would have wanted to place the sensors horizontally, with three holes allowing the rhythm to be taken. heart rate, compared to four today.

According to information from 9to5mac, there will already be in this prototype four separate sensors, in fact, the second hole being larger than the two on the sides of the watch, the latter could contain two sensors within it.

Another change, much more difficult to perceive in these images, the speaker ports are different from those which will be released on the first version of the Apple watch. In fact, in Giulio Zompetti’s photos there is only one visible, while the Apple watch has two since its launch.

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There is also a typography change that was made on this version of the watch that we will not find a few months later, at the launch of the Apple Watch. The texts are printed in Myriad Pro, a classic typeface for Apple at the time, but part of it uses another font, the San Francisco Compact, which has now found its way into products from ‘Apple. The two small logos “Abc 789” (on the top right corner) and XYZ on the bottom left confirm this change in typography and show that Apple was looking to see how this new font might look on the brand’s products.

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- Advertisement -Images of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on TwitterImages of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on Twitter

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- Advertisement -Images of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on TwitterImages of 2014 Apple Watch prototype end up on Twitter

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