Images of the very first Apple prototype resurface

Apple A

Many believe that the Apple I is the first machine released by Apple. And that’s true. But even before developing this product, its creators Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak unsurprisingly carried out some tests in their garage. And one of them apparently adopted the name “Apple A“, during its manufacture in the year 1976 in California.

Apple 1 Registry, in search of this kind of nugget, was able to get their hands on a snapshot of the prototype in question. We can easily recognize its printed circuit, immortalized in Polaroid snapshots provided by Paul Terrell. The merchant was the manager of the Byte Shop and had been the first to open a shop selling personal computers.

Apple A

© Apple-1 Registry

Memories are missing

According to the American, these photos were in fact captured when Jobs and Wozniak went to his store to show him the Apple I. It is therefore assumed that in the images it is indeed a MVP (minimum viable product) intended simply to be presented but not yet to the general public. Only downside: the only co-founder of Apple still alive does not remember it at all, even though he knew how to answer a key question on another of his devices dating from the same period.

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According to registration Apple A found on the photos, it seems however quite clear that this is not a “simple” Apple I. Moreover, the most attentive will notice that the layout of the components on the motherboard differs slightly from this model.

Faded away ?

Unfortunately, for the few enthusiasts who might want to afford such a rarity, it is quite possible that it is no longer of this world. Steve Wozniak indeed also mentioned that a fire occurred in his house previously, an event which could have come to destroy certain pieces of his collection.

At least, this may be good news for Steve Jobs who did not really appreciate autographs and other auctions on relics related to the history of the Apple brand. The price may exceed one million euros for a well-preserved Apple I.

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