Imanol: “No calm, I’m still hurt”


Imanol Sheriffcoach of the Real societyhas appeared in Zubieta this afternoon to analyze the visit to Vallecas this Sunday.

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Sixth position almost certain for Betis. “No peace of mind. I’m still hurt, like a fan. Five points have escaped us. We’re very angry. We’re ambitious, we don’t look back anymore, but it can’t be. We’ve played games to win them and of these last six points Five have gone. It’s time to come back and continue. It doesn’t change my way of approaching games or that of the players at all. That has brought us here”.

Final stretch with everything open. “Just like last year. Neither last year nor two years ago, nor this year, will this team lack attitude. Last year we would arrive looking fresh. It will be the game and what we do on the field. Nothing works if we play like we have in recent days and don’t get the points. We’re going to try to play the game we do but be more successful”.

Fight for the Champions: “We fight for everything. There is a lot of fan. We are there. It is great news, but nobody takes away from me that five points have escaped us in the last two days. If we want to continue fighting for something important, we have to improve”.

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He doesn’t trust an almost saved Ray: “Even when they needed the points, they made merits to get more points. Andoni is doing a great job. They have had a phase in which they have not gotten points because they were not successful. They are a team that compete in a unique way at home with their fans. Everyone has a hard time.”

Vallecas, difficult visit. “It does not matter. The important thing is the rival. You take the Rayo team and the players, one by one, there is a high level. And there is a great coach. It will be very complicated. It has nothing to do with the stage and the dimensions It has to do with his coach and his squad.”

Lack of goal and Benzema. “You can’t work any longer. What’s more, I think we’ve talked about it and now Benzema’s name comes to me. Now he’s leaving. Even a player like him has had phases in which he lacked a goal. It’s the usual , the important thing is to generate, have them, not be afraid. Within this, each player faces it in a different way. Some are made small goal and others the opposite”.

Januzaj instead of De Silva. “Within the same system we adopt several drawings. I have several players of that profile who are tactically rich. The initial drawing doesn’t matter because we can modify it.”

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Problems of Zubeldia: “He suffered a blow to the nose and today he came out with a mask. He took it off and finished training without it and he will be available on Sunday. Nothing serious.”

Carlos Fernandez will not play anymore. “I don’t want to venture, but I take it almost for granted that he won’t make it for what’s left. There’s very little left. It’s not serious, they’re muscle problems in the soleus, but they are problems that don’t let him train. Typical muscle problems after a long injury. It will not allow him to face this last month”.

He warned Karrikaburu. “Jon has gone up and was not able to endure training. He has one thing that is not bought, which is the goal, but you have many others that he has to improve a lot. And he is aware. It is a value of ours, but he also has He and Lobete went up and Jon couldn’t stand it. The next day I couldn’t train with Sane either. It’s not the first time it’s happened. During the season we’ve tried to get hold of him but he hasn’t been able to. He has very good things but others to improve. It is a very important value for the future for the club”.

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