Important Bitcoin software fixes error with Taproot within days of its activation

Important Bitcoin software fixes error with Taproot within days of its activation

Lightning Network Daemon (LND), one of the main clients used in the Bitcoin micropayment network, has fixed a bug that could be critical regarding Taproot. This days after the activation finally occurs, this November 13 or 14, at the height of block 709.632.

The error, which was in the Neutrino client, had already been reported days ago by Olaoluwa Osuntokun, developer of the Lightning network and co-founder of Lightning Labs, as reported by CriptoNoticias. Now, LND has thrown out the update that fixes it.

The update has no other big changes, as it only fixes that specific bug. These types of updates are usually defined as patches and no change is made to the main version numbering. In this case, LND version 0.13.3 was changed to 0.13.4.

Regarding the consequences of what could have happened if the error had not been detected and the solution had not been found, several things can be inferred.

The main stage is a half-running Taproot. Because the error occurred specifically with Neutrino, and not with all other Bitcoin mainnet clientsAs is the case with Bitcoin Core, or any other on the Lightning network, the Neutrino nodes would not process transactions with Taproot.

Because LND uses a Neutrino implementation, the scenario might exist where LND does not properly filter new transactions Taproot. This would create a possible chaotic scenario on the Lightning network.

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For all this, the official LND repository “strongly” recommends performing the corresponding node update to all users, to avoid possible complications after the arrival of Taproot.

Taproot is almost ready

The failure detected in Neutrino, which occurred within the Bitcoin testnet, seems to show that developers are working hard to get everything ready for the arrival of Taproot to Bitcoin, a fact that will occur at the height of the block 709,632.

Bitcoin Core, for example, already has full support for Taproot since version 22.0, released in mid-September, two months before activation.

Important Bitcoin software fixes error with Taproot within days of its activation
At the time of writing this note, 352 blocks are missing for the activation of Taproot. Source:

For now, it remains to be seen what specific day the activation will occur. According to data from the portal, the activation will take place on Saturday 13 or Sunday 14 November.

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