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But rest assured! As with everything, there are quite simple tips to put in place to boost the SEO of your site, and therefore your visibility on the Internet. Do you like it? Here are 4 effective techniques to improve your natural reference and take a leap forward in the positioning search engines!

SEO tip 1: focus on the user experience

For a site e-commerce, a blog or a company showcase site, the verdict remains the same: the success of a site is hidden in the user experience (or UX). Since 2018, Google has changed its algorithms to reward websites with a good user experience, turning it into one of the major tools for a good SEO.

What is user experience?

User experience, it is quite simply the “feeling” of the Internet user when he lands on your website.

To analyze the positioning of a site, search engine algorithms take into account a whole range of characteristics to judge its user experience. Ergonomics of the site, the ease of useinteraction, the design… In short, anything that can arouse positive emotions in the user.

Good advice to improve your UX

First tip for boost your natural referencing : to improve the user experience of your site as much as possible. Easy to say, right? Here are some practical tips to improve the user experience of your site.

Determine who you are talking to

Even if you create a site for your business, it is actually Internet users that it is aimed at. The first step to developing a good user experience is figuring out who your audience. Who is your ideal buyer, also called buyer persona ?

His age group, his demographic characteristics, purchasing habits, personal and professional issues… Defining your buyer persona helps you target your audience.

Have an adaptable site on all media

Mobile-friendly and adapted to tablets as in computers : when designing your website, consider posting on different media.

Today, 56% of requests internet are made from a smartphone. Pages simple and airy, which are displayed correctly regardless of the computer media. In addition to boosting your user experience, having a site adapted to all media instantly improves your natural referencing: another detail that Google loves!

SEO tip 2: have a site with quality content

You may have heard this famous expression before: the content is king. By applying this advice to the letter, you ostensibly boost your SEO !

What is the impact of content on your SEO?

The link between content and natural referencing is not necessarily obvious. And for good reason, it is both direct and indirect.

First consequence: by publishing interesting contentcoherent and sourced, you give Internet users an additional reason to stay on your site. With articles well written which bring a high added value, your readers want to know more.

Second consequence (closely related to the first): when they want to know more, internet users remain on a site. However, the time spent on a site is one of the criteria that Google takes into account to analyze the consistency of a website.

Tips for writing quality content

Betting on content is a fairly general tip. Here are some practical tips to aim for and boost your SEO!

Create interesting content around targeted keywords

Whether you run a business website or blog, each web page created must have a main keyword and key words secondary. When creating new content, choose your keywords carefully and make sure they are coherent with the set of your website.

The semantic cocoon: forging links to increase visibility

Consistency is one of the characteristics that search engines take into account to gauge the quality of a website. Not to neglect !

Pleasant to read content

If content is king, aesthetics is queen. Even the most interesting text in the world will not be read if it is not ventilated, with pictures to illustrate the point and paragraphs to let the reader breathe.

When writing your texts, take into account the preferences of Internet users. Air your articles, and do not hesitate to put images to vary the visuals and arouse interest.

However, pay attention to the quality of the images! A bad resolution will not make the reader want to stay on the page. Conversely, an HD image may slow down the loading time of your page and deal a blow to your natural referencing.

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SEO tip 3: create partnerships for link referrals

Beyond user experience and consistent content, one of the most effective tips for boost SEO of your site is the exchange of links with other websites, also called backlinks. Focus on this tool essential for SEO!

The backlinks (or referrals) follow a fairly simple principle: on your article, you place a external link which refers Internet users to another website. And vice versa, the other site in question contains a link that leads to your site of yours.

The impact on your SEO is instantaneous : Internet users who are on your website are guided to the other site. And Internet users from the other site have a clear path to get to yours, and learn about your articles and your offers. Which equals more natural traffic in both cases !

To take full advantage of the benefits of backlinks on your SEO, here are some practical tips to apply.

Create a netlinking strategy

As for all SEO tools, the creation of backlinks requires putting in place a strategy. Indeed, not all backlinks necessarily benefit your SEO.

For a backlink to have a real effect on your natural reference, it must be consistent. In other words, if you are writing an article on good practices social media, it is interesting to link to an article that discusses the best software for Instagram posts. Conversely, a link that leads to a gardening site will not bring any added value.

Choose sites carefully

A good backlink is a backlink that refers to a credible site, who has some authority on the internet. So do not hesitate to canvass big sites (which deal with the same topics as you), to offer them an exchange of links.

The more credible the site, the more the impact of the backlink will be positive for your natural referencing!

SEO tip 4: surround yourself with professionals involved in your project

The last advice we can give you to boost your natural referencing is to turn to professional teams that support improving your visibility. Probably the easiest advice to put in place, and the most effective!

Where to find these professionals?

The professionals best placed to boost your visibility on the internet remain the SEO agencies. They bring together complete teams, which have all the tools (and expertise) to improve the natural referencing of your site.

Website design, optimization of your UX, strategy of Web marketing… Go through a SEO agencyis to put all the chances on your side to stand out!

The web agencies are numerous, but the good referencing agencies do not run the streets: it is necessary to know how to detect them thanks to the following criteria.

A listening team

The very first criterion to take into account is the availablity listening to web agency in question. Effective SEO agencies take the time to discuss your project to develop a strategy tailored.

website creation that looks like you, and a user experience that matches your target audience. With a web agency available at your side, you have all the cards in hand!

Professionals who take charge of the entire project

The best way to make the benefits of a web agency profitable is to entrust it with your entire project. Delegate the design of your website, the creation of your visual identity and the establishment of a Marketing strategy to optimize your natural referencing from the start.

Wrap up

If the web agency takes care of your digital project from A to Z, it will know the ins and outs of your brand. What better way to get your website up?

At Anthedesign, we take care of everything. We design a website that matches your expectations and to preferences of your buyers. Together we are shaping a strategy for your communication, which can range from a simple graphic identity to all of your marketing.

With Anthedesign, put a team of passionate experts at your side and boost your visibility on Google! It’s this way !

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