In 2021, the MacBooks would sell to 17 million copies

MacBook Air M1

This year, Apple’s transition from moving away from chips made by Intel in favor of its own alternatives was unveiled. The opportunity for many to focus on performance potential – even real – of these products, a sign of the confidence of many consumers. With the result of serious improvements over previous technology.

The price of equipped machines, meanwhile, has even been revised downwards following changes. A small revolution for headed articles, which until now often had the habit of being sold more expensive with each edition. Logically, the sales figures should benefit: thus, no less than seventeen million computers running macOS could find buyers in 2021, according to Finaria (+ 10%).

The range is growing

Within the range of Macs available in the Apple Store and their manufacturer’s online store, we find in particular the MacBook Air most recent. It therefore embeds an Apple Silicon CPU, at the speed doped up to 3.5 times more than the variation marketed previously.

Otherwise, the most imposing MacBook Pro whose screen is entitled to a similar diagonal is also entitled to the addition of the M1 processor. Its prices, on the other hand, are a little higher:

MacBook Pro 2020 M1 256 GB at the best price
Base price: 1,449 €

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