In a few years, the Apple Watch would like to replace your doctor

Series 8 Concept

With the iPhone 14 in his weekly newsletter, Mark Gurman also mentioned the case this Sunday of the next Apple connected watches. For him, no surprises: the brand will renew for the very first time theApple Watch SE, which is the more affordable version of the collection. The other two hypotheses relate of course to the Apple Watch Series 8, but also a variation of it intended for extreme sports and therefore more robust.

So far, these are rumors that we have heard before. But where the journalist goes a little further, it is by giving a precise timetable to the next advances of wearables in terms of sensors:

A wrist thermometer in September?

According to the journalist, the temperature sensor would be the first to arrive on Watch. The applications would then be multiple, making it possible, for example, to report fever or to provide data to a practitioner without the latter needing to approach the patient, reducing the risk of becoming contaminated as well.

In two to three years, this is another component that the Apple Watch would see land, this time serving to follow the blood pressure. We already know with certainty that Cupertino has a minimum of this technology, because a patent shows that the company is even considering integrating it on its laptops.

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As to glucometer, it would not see the light of day on Watch for four years or more. This time, the bet is risky since this advantage had already been mentioned last January, even before the arrival of the Series 7 on the market. It would therefore be very surprising to see Apple wait so long, especially since there too documents filed for the sake of intellectual property prove that the company knows a lot about the subject.

Other improvements

Let us add that even without getting too wet, Gurman table on a best screen (narrower edges) and increased performance for the 2022 Watch. The same goes for “wireless connectivity”, a sign that we may be entitled to 5G instead of the current 4G. Wi-Fi 6E, too, is in preparation with some manufacturers.

Finally, know that the Series 8 would be thinner, but the difference with the previous model will be difficult to detect with the naked eye. This could however play on the weight, a real positive point on a daily basis.

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