In a short dress, Karol G records her legs and a dancer twerks her at a party Smirnoff Mexico

In a short dress, Karol G records her legs and a dancer twerks her at a party Smirnoff Mexico

In a short dress, Karol G records her legs and a dancer twerks her at a party Smirnoff Mexico

Singer Carol G had a day off within the intense Bichota Tour Reloaded that has been giving for Latin America being his most recent stop Mexico. There he went to a party Smirnoff, where he danced and celebrated with his work team, dancers and some of his fans. Of course She wore a short dress and also recorded her legs with the cell phone, to later show off how one of his dancers twerked him sensually.

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Of course, fans of the bichota They literally went crazy when they saw the hot stories he published Carol G in your account Instagramwhere it is seen that he had a great time with his dancers in la party prepared by Smirnoff Mexico. Also came with a short metallic dress of the signature for which it is an image, Balenciaga. The piece made Carol G He will show his attributes from above and below causing a furor among those present.

Both on arrival and departure, Carol G He stopped to greet his fans who were stationed outside the venue where the party took place. Bichota herself explained that this was one of the first days off for both her and her team in a long time.

The next day, Karol G was presented at the Mexico City Arena. Of course the box office was Sold Out, as they have been in all the previous countries he has visited. the bichota: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and many more. There she conquered the public by surprisingly presenting the singer AnahíIt is RBD with whom he dressed to look like two sexy cowgirls.

The public did not believe that Anahí was on stage. They both interpretedSave me”same theme that the Mexican popularized 15 years ago with RBD. Karol G dedicated a few words of affection and admiration to the Mexican.

At the end they hugged each other, they were excited and they shared some tender messages on social networks. Carol G She stated that she felt very flattered He was always a fan of Anahí and RBD. Definitely the visit of La Bichota in Mexico was felt.

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