In check against a king

Raúl saluda a la grada.

The penultimate train to the playoff, for Castilla, goes through an almost impossible. For winning where no one has yet in all of 2022. The Balearic Stadium, a den that has not seen its team lose in the League since December 5, 2021 and whose last defeat was in the Cup, when that Atlético Matagigantes succumbed against Valencia. Since then, four wins and four draws guarantee the undefeated quality of a castle with a king. The locals are one of the fittest teams in Group 2, fourth with 50 points and in the promotion zone.

Shield/Flag RM Castilla

His throne is the one he wants Castilefacing the dilemma of life or death. Winning is staying 2 points from the playoff and enter fully into the fight; get back in the ring But losing could leave him at 7 points, with only 15 more to play for. The mission would become almost impossible. That is why there is no valid margin of error. Only victory is worth, despite the fact that the newspaper library invites white pessimism: they have only won in one of their last seven outings. Away from Di Stéfano it is very cold.

Manel Martínez celebrates one of the goals during the 6-2 against Barça B

Manel Martínez celebrates one of the goals during the 6-2 against Barça B

That is why grabbing at straws is considered essential, and in that sense Raul you will have good news: as there is no first team match, he will have the entire squad available. the goal of Ratethe firmness of Rafael Marin and the magic of you arrive they will get together to try to knock down a colossus ‘matafiliales’. Because Atlético Baleares comes from endorsing a blushing 6-2 against Barcelona Bin a game that at halftime was already 5-0. Manuel Martinez Y Diony They are the stars of a team that cannot afford to be absent-minded and aware that winning would practically knock out a direct rival.


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