In China, the most important iPhone factory goes on the hunt

usine Foxconn de Zhenghzou

The latest news is that the iPhone 13s are selling well, very well. So much so that the coronavirus pandemic which continues to rage in Asia poses a problem for one of the main subcontractors in charge of assembling them: Foxconn. The firm has several factories on site, the largest of which is the one located in the metropolis of Zhengzhou.

According to South China Morning Post, the situation would be so problematic for the group that bonuses are being offered right now to ex-employees who would deign to sign again. But the magnitude of the results of such an offer is still difficult to measure from the outside, especially when we know that the policy of secrecy is relatively fierce at Hon Hai as at Apple.

A significant investment

According to the SCMP, potential employees who join the ship today will benefit from a bonus of 9,500 yuan (about 1,300 euros), which is much more than the monthly salary offered at the base (6,865 yuan). An amount that has continued to increase in recent months, while departures are also increasing.

Indeed, foxconn is the victim of large-scale protest movements because the working conditions there are considered more than deplorable. One of the company’s production lines has even been placed in “probation” by Apple, before it was finally reopened a little later.

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A wave of suicides also affected the company.

The iPhone SE in the line of sight

These changes in Foxconn policy should also allow theThird-generation iPhone SE not to accumulate too much delay, unlike its predecessor. The device is expected by March or April, with a better processor and still the home button incorporating a fingerprint sensor.

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