In fact, iPadOS 16 is also entitled to the new lock screen

iPadOS 16 écran verrouillé

You probably thought of it while following the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developer Conference: the superb new lock screen ofiOS 16 is it also available on iPad? Apple didn’t talk about it at the event. The most curious therefore quickly looked into the question, before discovering that the functionality is indeed offered only on mobile.

By digging a little deeper, however, a little hand by the name of Federico Viticci managed to find THE flaw you need to take advantage of this advantage also on a tablet. To understand, you have to look at PosterBoard, the name of the background process that enables personalization. Normally, this is invisible to users. Except that Apple forgot to remove the app from Shortcuts… We can therefore quickly access it with a few software manipulations.

Not yet ready

As the screenshots show, the customization of the locked screen on iPad is however not as good as that of iPhone. Indeed, although some tools such as changing the font or the color of the clock work without any problem, this is not, for example, not the case of widgets. We therefore understand why Apple wanted to “hide” these changes on the iPads.

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For the next year ?

For the moment, we therefore have proof that PosterBoard does exist on iPadOS but also that the publisher has chosen not to share it with its customers. Several reasons could explain this, one of which would simply be that the system was not not ready in time for WWDC. It will not be the first time, moreover it has also happened in the past that certain products are completely revealed before finally never coming out on the shelves.

Cupertino, however, may still be working on porting this solution to a tablet, iPadOS being modeled on iOS. We might then only have to wait a few months or a future beta to qualify. Other assets such as the app library were announced with iOS 14 but were only available a year later on iPad, as explained right here.

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