In its battle against Epic Games, Apple turned to Valve for help

Steam UFC Que Choisir

This is information that says a lot about Apple’s determination. As part of the lawsuit between it and Epic Games, the apple brand asked Valve, the publisher of the Steam platform, last November to provide it with a huge amount of commercial data. The Cupertino company considers the latter crucial to build its case against Epic.

Valve wouldn’t have really appreciated being involved in this case.

In detail, Apple wished to obtain documents mentioning its total annual sales of games and integrated products, its advertising revenues, its annual sales of external products. She also wanted to see Steam’s annual revenue and profit. In all, the Cupertino company made requests for information on more than 30,000 games initially, before reducing its requirements to 600 games.

To justify its curiosity, Apple estimated that Steam “ is the main distributor of digital PC games and is a direct competitor of the Epic Game Store (…)

Finally, and after several meetings between the two companies, Valve refused to produce much of the information requested. The platform claims to have cooperated in a reasonable way by providing documents such as the balance of its income, the extent of its competition with Epic, or the distribution contracts on Steam.

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In general, Valve would have appreciated very little to be involved by Apple in this matter. She believes that the rivalry between the Apple brand and Epic Games concerns the mobile games sector and is not linked to its main market: the sale of PC games.

As a reminder, the clash between Apple and Epic Games dates back to last August. The latter gave Fortnite players the opportunity to pay in-game purchases without paying the 30% commission provided for in the App Store regulations. A legal battle has since been engaged between the two companies and the rivalry is also played out a lot in the field of public opinion.

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