In suspense with Alaba and Casemiro

En vilo con Alaba y Casemiro

In suspense with Alaba and Casemiro

The alarms do not go off in Valdebebas. Real Madrid, four days before visiting the Etihad, has seven players affected. The ones that worry the most are Praise Y Casemiroheavyweights who didn’t go out on the pitch today. The Austrian will undergo an MRI tomorrow; until then, his presence in Manchester is a complete unknown. With respect to Casemirocontinues to suffer from discomfort in the back of his left leg and it is very difficult to get there. What Marian Y Jovićwho were also absent from this morning’s session, both with discomfort in their adductors.

The Valdebebas infirmary

Player Injury Will it reach the Etihad?
Praise right adductor ?
Casemiro Back of the left leg Hard
Mendy left adductor Possible
Marcelo right adductor Possible
bale Left leg Possible
Jović Adductor Hard
Marian Adductor Hard
hazard Rehabilitation Discarded

In the opposite direction, there three positive notes. The biggest, Marcelo, who touched the ball with apparent normality, signing half of the session with his teammates; same situation for balewhose discomfort in his left leg was nothing serious. piano-piano gallops with Mendy: his injury was more serious, but you can already see him running on the lawn of Valdebebas. Although he hasn’t touched the ball yet, he is making reasonable progress and is not ruled out. The eighth absence was hazard, whose rehabilitation after removing a plate from his right fibula continues normally. His goal is to be able to play before the end of the season.

Marcelo hits the ball in this morning’s session.

Mendy, running in this morning’s session.

It was a wet training… And very physical. The entire first half was precisely work aerobics and anaerobic on the grass. That’s where she saw Mendy sprinting, in an image that aroused some optimism. The group then carried out pressure and possession exercisesto end shots on goal. Ancelotti’s men will return to training tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. (mainland).


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