increase your visibility with the sponsored tag

increase your visibility with the sponsored tag

Amazon’s “sponsored” tag is a statement that appears on advertisements and allows certain products to be highlighted over others. Its objective is to boost the visibility of products with high sales potential in order to then attract prospects to other items in an online store.

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This article exposes the interest for a seller wishing to increase his business opportunities on the Amazon platform to create a sponsored ad. It also details how to sponsor products.

Why create an Amazon sponsored ad?

First and foremost, creating a sponsored ad on Amazon is a strategic choice. Indeed, to position itself at the top of the search results on the platform, it is necessary to target the keywords used by Internet users when searching for a product. However, with more and more sellers on Amazon, search results are also increasing. To gain visibility, it is therefore better to have recourse, occasionally, to the sponsorship.

In the same way as search engines such as Google or Yahoo, Amazon has an algorithm that analyzes the actions of its users in order to offer them articles in line with their research. It happens that a large number of sellers position themselves on the same keyword or the same query; then there is strong competition and it becomes difficult for them to make themselves visible without investing money.

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Sponsoring ads on Amazon addresses this issue, which may exist on similar products or targeting the same needs on the buyer’s side. For a company that sells on Amazon, the goal of sponsored ads is to attract new leads to its Amazon store without investing too much money since it is only bet on one item.

How to create an Amazon sponsored ad?

Go to the “Ads” tab of the Amazon advertising console

Amazon makes an advertising management space available to its professional sellers. To start defining a sponsorship campaign for a particular product, you must first go to the “Advertisements” tab. The seller then has access to an overview of all his current advertising campaigns.

Click on “Create a campaign”

By clicking on the “Create a campaign” button, the seller can define the first elements of the sponsorship of the product of his choice.

Select the products to sponsor

Always from the same interface, it is possible to select the products to promote among all those offered by the seller in his catalog. Strategically, it is advisable to choose between 1 and 3 products, depending on the total number of items on the brand’s Amazon store.

Define a campaign name

The campaign name will not be visible to buyers. On the other hand, it is important to choose it well in order to find it among other “Sponsored Products” campaigns, but also “Sponsored Brands” or “Sponsored Stores”, other types of Amazon advertising campaigns.

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Determine a minimum daily budget for the campaign

Setting the budget should be done when launching the Sponsored Products campaign to allow Amazon’s algorithm to distribute a daily budget on its own. In this way, it shows the sponsored ad to the target at the right times for the brand. For the sale of products on its French platform, Amazon recommends a minimum budget of 10 € per day.

Choose the duration of the “Sponsored Products” campaign

The total duration of the campaign to highlight a product depends on the brand’s stocks, but also on its strategic choices. For example, if this promotion is linked to a promotion, the selling company has every interest in limiting the display time of the sponsored ad.

On the contrary, if the sponsored product has been chosen as a permanent entry to the brand’s store, it will benefit from not defining an end date. Amazon will then take care of displaying the ad strategically, based on buying trends and modifying the targeted search terms if necessary.

Select automatic targeting

By selecting automatic targeting, the brand lets Amazon do the work of positioning on strategic keywords and search terms. Thus, the sponsored ad appears to qualified leads, who are precisely looking for a very similar product.

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Manual targeting is, for its part, rather reserved for brands with teams dedicated to managing sales on Amazon and who have developed a very advanced segmentation of their customer base.

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