Indian Foxconn factory to reopen despite controversy


It was closed last December after increasingly virulent protests by employees, deeming their working conditions “unworthy”. But despite this fed up, the Foxconn factory, which produces iPhones on Indian territory for the international market, will reopen.

Based in Sriperumbudur, this factory is at the heart of a much bigger scandal, that of the treatment of employees by Apple contractors. And as such Foxconn finds a very special place. The firm is indeed one of the privileged partners of the Apple brand, but the working conditions of its employees have always been the subject of debate.

The new protests were added to a much larger list of disgruntled employees whose rights are violated. But despite the proliferation of controversies, nothing seems to change or almost. Foxconn continues to work for Apple, and the investigations carried out by the Cupertino company never give rise to a breach of contract.

“Unworthy” living conditions

So, a little over a month after the start of the riots, the Indian factory will reopen. Although partial opening, only 500 employees will resume work out of the 17,000 in the plant, but the facts are there, the plant will reopen.

The cause of the fed up this time? Dorms and dining rooms that do not meet the standards required by Apple, had assured the Californian firm at the end of the year, while an investigation was still underway. For its part, Foxconn has made commitments to treat its employees better and give them more decent living conditions.

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A dangerously worsening situation

According to the speeches of the latter, more than 250 cases of food poisoning have occurred within the four walls of the factory for a few months. A situation which would have deteriorated sharply in the last few weeks before the demonstrations.

For the moment, Foxconn has been quite discreet about the commitments that the firm would make in the future. But one thing is certain, internally everyone wants to restart this factory as soon as possible, which mainly produces iPhone 12 and 13.

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