India’s iPhone production slows down amid tensions with China


For several months, India and China have experienced more or less violent incidents at the level of border that separates the two countries. Several drastic measures followed, including the ban of certain Chinese mobile applications on the peninsula. In addition, according to the South China Morning Post which relates the affair, the visas allowing workers to cross are now dispensed in small quantities.

However, it is precisely in Indian factories that a substantial part of the manufacture of iPhones takes place. Apple has in fact chosen to relocate there little by little a number of its activities. Logistics requiring in particular the experience of Chinese talents, who would therefore for some be slowed down or even blocked by this situation.

An impact on deliveries?

While it is currently impossible to put numbers on such events, it is not unlikely that they will cause delays in iPhone orders. Indeed, several months ago it was the launch of the second generation iPhone SE that would have been slowed down, this time following the coronavirus crisis.

In an attempt to stem the phenomenon, the Indian government is said to have imagined a program of financing for international exports. An initiative supported by Apple, which would have also played on the amount of aid, probably hoping to promote the arrival of its iPad in the region.

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