Injured, the emergency call function of his iPhone saves his life


It’s a rather unusual story, which fortunately ended very well. A snowboarder named Tim Blakey was practicing on a glacier near Zermatt in Switzerland last month. Suddenly, he fell into a crevasse, and found himself trapped… Impossible to leave the place. He then looks at his iPhone and realizes that it only has 3% battery.

A very useful feature

The man then has a very good reflex. He remembers the emergency call feature of his smartphone. The latter makes it easy and quick to call for help or to notify your contacts in such a situation. It is also possible to send messages that specify the exact location of your device.

The help then arrived very quickly and was able to get him out of there. Quickly treated, he escaped with an ankle injury, and he was able to return home to London. Recovered, Tim Blakey did not forget to warmly thank the rescuers on his Instagram account. He explains thus:

Maybe the first step is to raise awareness of the amazing work these guys do on the mountain and to educate others not to be as careless as I was.

But the man also slipped a little thankful note in the direction of Apple and its emergency functionality which is very easy to use. Recall that it is enough Press and hold the side button and either volume button until the Emergency Call slider appears.

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