Innovation in Education Congress: Date, Full program, address

Congrès de l’innovation en éducation : Date, Programme complet, adresse

The speed at which society is evolving is currently unprecedented. Children today will experience, in a few years, a whole different world, transformed in many ways. It is for this reason that we cannot ignore our duty, that of transmitting and developing future generations in order to allow them to live serenely, in a better world. The Congress of Innovation in Education is a real source of inspiration for those interested in education.

Focus on the Congress of Innovation in Education

The individuals who evolve around the field of education and who make it progress remain, for many, in the shade. The Congress of Innovation in Education aims to highlight them. An event that aims to trigger exchanges, discussions and possible solutions for the improvement of education. On the congress program, a dozen speakers sharing their knowledge and expertise through areas related to education.

From February 29 to 1er March 2020 in Montpellier

The third edition of the Congress of Innovation in Education will take place on February 29 and 1er March 2020 in Montpellier. As places are limited, it is preferable to reserve them by following this link:

Education: spearheading the evolution of future generations

From birth, education is provided to us by our parents and those around us. It is then enriched by the teachers. As we move towards adulthood, we take directions under the influence of those with whom we come into contact on a daily basis and from whom we receive learning and teachings. As such, education is the keystone around which personal development is forged. It is therefore she who draws the silhouette of the society to come.

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In a perfect world, one that would consider and leave room for innovative education as a factor of growth, children would learn to love, to flourish, to surpass themselves and to laugh. They would reassure themselves about their own worth and develop their potential and autonomy.

There is no shortage of methods, research and opinions concerning education. The Congress of Innovation in Education brings together stakeholders to consider different solutions to achieve better education. The themes around which the discussions are centered are varied, such as:

  • Neuroscience
  • The child’s educational environment, while safe
  • Positive behaviors at school
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Food education for children
  • Educational freedom

To present their point of view and their knowledge, to discuss and answer questions, the Congress of Innovation in Education was equipped with renowned speakers such as Thierry Pardo, Catherine Gueguen, Catherine Dumonteil Kremer, Marina Barreau, Anne- Raynaud-Postel, Marie Costa, Sandra Meunier, Pascale Haag, Marion Kaplan, Anne-Marie Gaignard, Marie-Anne Steiner and Louise Michaud.

To take a step towards the Congress of Innovation in Education is to take a step towards the positive education of tomorrow.

For more information, please follow this link:

Here is the full program:

congress program

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