INPI: what is it?


It was created in 1951 to replace the National Office of Industrial Property. The INPI protects the ownership of trademarks, patents, models and designs.

Today, the INPI is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital. It continues to develop increasingly innovative devices to protect industrial creation.

What are the missions of the INPI? How does this organization work? How do you file a trademark with the INPI?

The role and operation of the INPI

The INPI’s role is to develop and deploy mechanisms and policies aimed at protecting intellectual property as well as possible.

The latter is further subdivided into two main branches, namely:

  1. industrial property;
  2. and literary and artistic property.

Industrial property protects trademarks, trade names, inventions, etc.

That said, thousands of entrepreneurs and creators in France have used the services of the INPI since its creation.

On this point, 4.5 million industrial property titles are registered in the INPI database. In addition, to effectively protect industrial property, the institute has decided to centralize the national register of commerce and companies.

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In addition, the INPI implements awareness-raising actions on the importance of protecting industrial property.

It educates the public, and particularly economic and social actors, on the need to fight against falsification. He manages and issues patents to brands when their holders take the necessary steps to register them.

Each trademark is listed in a database which the public can access in real time. Entrepreneurs are called upon to consult this database before setting up a business.

Indeed, anyone who uses a brand name already in the database (to create a business in the same field) risks legal action for plagiarism.

The procedure to follow to file a trademark with the INPI

Before filing a trademark with the INPI, certain precautions must be taken. To do this, make sure that the brand:

  • is available, by consulting the INPI database,
  • has a distinctive name that sets it apart from its competitors,
  • is lawful, i.e. it respects public order,
  • respect good morals,
  • is clear and describable.

If you do not consult the INPI database, you can check the existence of a similar mark on search engines.

Then, if your trademark meets all the required conditions, you can compile its application file. The latter must include 5 copies of the INPI form downloadable from the organization’s official website. You must also write a wording showcasing the products and services that your brand offers.

Once your file is complete, you must pay the required fees before sending it to the INPI electronically. It is recommended to be assisted by a lawyer specializing in industrial property law during the trademark registration process. This will allow you to follow the steps without making any mistakes.

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Online trademark registration

From now on, the INPI offers its services electronically only.

Trademark registration applications, declarations of withdrawal, procedural exchanges, third-party observations and requests for rectification of errors can only be made online.

The INPI has set up a system to allow individuals and companies to file trademarks remotely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The tool is easy to use and fast, thanks to its fluid and clear interface.

It is made up of an online help space, with a tab allowing direct contact with the INPI department. With the online trademark filing system, you send all the necessary documents to the INPI in a few clicks.

Your royalties are automatically calculated and then displayed on the platform. Deposit fees are paid online in a secure area. You can at any time see the registration request and the attachments sent to the INPI.

What is the status of the INPI?

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is a public administrative institution.

It is the organization that officially governs intellectual property in France. This organization instructs and issues industrial property titles to individuals and companies when all the conditions are met.

What are the missions of the INPI?

The first mission of the INPI is to provide the public with the devices necessary to protect their intellectual property.

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The organization’s second mission is to inform and train professionals and the general public on intellectual property.

In addition, the institute centralizes the national register of commerce and companies. Finally, it fights against counterfeiting through the National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC).

What is the point of filing your trademark with the INPI?

Filing your trademark with the INPI protects it against any falsification.

This operation allows the company or individual holder of the mark to have the monopoly of its exploitation but not only!

It reinforces brand identity and serves to create value through a franchise network. It also allows the brand to stand out from the competition.

What is the duration of protection of a trademark registered with the INPI?

The term of protection for a trademark registered with the INPI is 10 years from the date of its registration.

The owner of the mark can renew the effect of the deposit every 10 years, and this indefinitely. He has exactly one year to renew his trademark protection whenever it expires.

How much does it cost to register a trademark at the INPI?

The trademark registration at the INPI costs at least €190.

These are the fees required to declare the products and services of a brand in a given field of activity.

Each additional line of business costs €40. Deposit fees are paid via a customer account or by credit card.

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