Instacart Launches Platform to Get Ready Meals in 30 Minutes from Kroger and ShopRite

Instacart Ready Meals Hub incluye cientos de opciones de comidas de supermercados populares.

The Instacart Ready Meals Hub includes hundreds of food options from popular supermarkets.

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Instacart is launching Ready Meals Huba new platform where starting today, consumers in the United States can obtain fresh and prepared meals from the grocery store in 30 minutes.

Ready Meals Hub offers prepared foods from more than 4,100 supermarkets from companies like Publix, Giant, Food Lion, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Martin’s and Kroger. Incorporating ShopRite Prepared Meals in the coming weeks.

In the coming months, Instacart hopes to expand the list of supermarkets whose food is available to customers through the Ready Meals Hub, and plans to include more retailers as well.

The Instacart Platform offers hundreds of ready-to-eat meal options, from fresh soups and salads, to grab-and-go casseroles, pasta dishes, and steak and seafood dinner entrees. Including Publix salads and sandwiches, Kroger soups and sushi, and even Food Lion rotisserie chicken.

In addition to being able to order freshly prepared, ready-to-eat items, customers can also include a few staples in their express delivery order.

“Which makes it easier than ever to grab lunch and a few items for tonight’s dinner all in one order,” said Erik Katenkamp, ​​vice president of app development for Publix.

Instacart lets you know that the business of selling prepared foods has among its potential customers even those who prepare their meals at homesince according to data from the food industry association IMF, although the majority of Americans’ meals are prepared at home (73%), these meals they usually include ready-to-eat items.

“In home prepared meals there is a mix between food made from scratch (55%) and ready-to-eat foods that save time, such as prepared salads and ready-to-eat meat (64%)”, shares Instacart.

The launch of Instacart’s prepared food hub follows the launch of the Convenience Hub in September 2021. The convenience hub allows users to order from stores 24 hours a day. With the ability to buy fresh food, pantry staples, alcohol, snacks and prepared meals.

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