Intel advised to split up its activities by experts


Daniel Loeb, director at the head of the fund Third Point Management, recently helped Intel grow to over US $ 1 billion. A serious step in the development of the firm internationally, in the grip of serious restructuring since the announcement of the Apple Silicon program.

As a reminder, under this name is the strategy ofinternalization from the brand to the apple which now designs its own computer processors. Previously, for example, we found Core i3 or i5 under the hood of its MacBook Pro. A considerable shortfall for the chipmaker, the figures for which, however, were not disclosed.

What changes?

In a letter published this week, Loeb assures his side that Intel has just lost ground against some of its competitors. Among its fiercest competitors, are notably mentioned Samsung but especially the Taiwanese TSMC, who took the opportunity to earn some serious points on the stock market.

One of the solutions envisaged, the final outcome of which remains uncertain, would be for the American manufacturer to reorganize its various branches. Until then, the group can still count on its many other partnerships. We find in this list other brands such as Asus or HP, which all offer PCs with CPUs with the blue logo.

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