Intel Launches New, More Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip: Blockscale

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Intel Launches New, More Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip: Blockscale By Hannah Perez

The huge manufacturer of integrated circuits presented Intel Blockscale ASICits new second generation Bitcoin mining chip designed to save energy.


The giant developer of high-end computer products, Intel, launched this Monday a new mining chip of Bitcoin second generation that promises to be more efficient than others on the market in terms of energy consumption. news media CoinDesk and Bitcoin Magazine they reviewed.

Called Intel Blockscale ASIC, the chip will provide up to 580 gigahashes per second (GH/s) of hash rate with up to 26 joules per terahash (J/TH) of energy efficiency, according to a press release cited by the media. It also includes chip voltage and temperature sensing capabilities, as well as support for up to 256 ICs per chain.

Intel’s new chip design could help companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry reduce energy consumption, while potentially easing the environmental debate around Bitcoin. The general manager of Blockchain and Business Solutions at Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group from IntelJosé Ríos, commented in the statement:

The Intel Blockscale ASIC will play an important role in helping bitcoin mining companies achieve hash rate scaling and sustainability goals in the coming years.

Intel introduces new crypto mining chip

In accordance with CoinDeskthe 26 J/TH power consumption of the new chip makes it more efficient than the latest model from BitMainthe ant miner S19 Pro+ Hyd., which offers a hashrate of 198 TH/s with an efficiency of 27.5 J/TH. TIt is also more efficient than whatsminer M30S++ from micrtoBTwhich provides 112 TH/s with an efficiency of 31 J/TH.

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The outlet also points out that the hash rate of the new chips could look low compared to other equipment, or even to the company’s initial promises. However, Intel he noted that the hashrate is only for one chip and several of them could reach higher power if used to build a mining system.

Mining systems typically include hundreds of ASICs allowing for a much higher hash rate at the system level”, said a spokesman for Intel to that portal.

It should be noted that the new product itself does not offer a complete ASIC mining system, as is common in the crypto mining industry, but only a chip.

The release comes after Intel will officially present its efficient mining chip, called “Bonanza Mine” orBMZ1, in February. as covered DailyBitcoin at the time, the company said the equipment would use far less energy than others of its kind. However, some specifications placed it below current top-of-the-line machines available on the market.

Will it ease the environmental debate around crypto?

According to reports, shipments of the new Blockscale they will start in the third quarter of this year; although the company has not yet revealed the price of the equipment. The companies Argo Blockchain, Hive Blockchain and GRIID Infrastructureas well as Block (previously Square) are on the list of the first customers to receive the new Intel product.

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In accordance with CoinDeskwhich quoted the official statement, Intel will focus through 2023 and beyond on supplying potential customers who share the company’s sustainability goals.

The news comes at a time of short supply of ASICs within the cryptocurrency mining industry due to a global shortage of chips. On the other hand, it comes amid growing debates around the environmental impact of proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency mining as Bitcoin.

In the United States there are several bills under discussion that seek to limit the mining of Bitcoin, arguing its high energy consumption. Among them, a legislative project in New York seeks a radical ban on this activity for a period of two years. Also the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed a new regulation which would require public companies in the sector to report on greenhouse gas emissions and risks related to climate change.

Legislators from countries in Europe have also been discussing proposals to limit the use and mining of PoW cryptocurrencies due to their environmental impact.

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