Intel Officially Unveils Its New Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip: Bonanza Mine (MBZ1)

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Intel Officially Unveils Its New Efficient Bitcoin Mining Chip: Bonanza Mine (MBZ1) By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

during the presentation Intel also made reference to a mining rig SO C composed of 300 chips MBZ1, which together consume about 3,600 watts and generate a rate of 40 TH/s.


The company that develops high-end computer products, Intel, officially presented its new mining chip Bitcoin efficient, better known as Bonanza Mine, for which it has already started processing orders.

On Bonanza Mine Intel

The presentation of the chip in question took place during the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2022 (ISSCC), digital event that takes place between February 20 and 28 of this year, where various companies and international representatives participate in conversations and share with the public details about their new products and services to be launched in the future.

In a virtual presentation yesterday, the Intel team provided more details on BonanzaMine, better known as BMZ1, which indicated that it qualifies as an ASIC device specially designed to mine Bitcoin, whose performance is a thousand times better for this task, having better performance per watt of energy, which translates into significant savings compared to many other equipment designed for this purpose.

During the presentation, Intel also revealed a 3,600-watt mining rig consisting of 300 chips. BMZ1. This structure creates a machine that can produce a rate of 40 TH/s, constituting quite remarkable savings in terms of electrical consumption by current standards. It is worth noting that this ASIC will have the option to operate in high performance or energy saving mode, with which it will be able to increase or decrease its consumption depending on the needs of the users.

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An interesting fact is that the structure presented is well below the 198 TH/s that the mining device of BitMain, which uses about 5,445 watts and employs liquid cooling. Saying SO C It will go on sale in the second half of 2022, but Intel assures that its proposal has traction because its chips work cleanly and are quite competitive.

Lawsuit for the BMZ1 and plans for the next generation

Another detail mentioned during the presentation is that Intel already has several high-profile orders for its new BMZ1, among which it appears block by Jack Dorsey, as well as Argo Blockchain, the cloud mining group.

Although this chip has not yet formally gone on sale beyond the first institutional orders, some reports suggest that Intel could already be working on its new generation of chips. Among these signs is an apparently signed agreement with the company Griid based in Ohio, with which orders for BMZ2 for this same year.

Let us bear in mind that during an interview recently conducted by Bloomberg, the CEO of Intel, Patrick Gelsinger, indicated that they are committed to working very hard on the matter, precisely to solve the problems associated with the high energy consumption for Bitcoin mining, which has not allowed the main digital currency to see greater adoption among investors and institutional users. :

“At Intel, we deeply believe that we must shape technology as a force for good. If used for bad purposes, [representa] a climate crisis and it can’t be used widely, so it’s not good yet. That doesn’t mean the technology isn’t good, but we’re not using it well yet.”

At the moment not much is known about the new generation of chips Bonanza Mine, but it is expected to be the company’s next bet to break into the mining ecosystem Bitcoin.

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