Intel Prepares High-Performance, Low-Voltage ASIC for Bitcoin Mining

Bitmain launches new Bitcoin miner with liquid cooling system

Key facts:
  • The “Bonanza Mine” mining hardware will be unveiled in February at an industry event.

  • Company executives had indicated that they worked in teams to mine cryptocurrencies.

The world’s largest microprocessor manufacturer, Intel, will soon introduce an ASIC, called “Bonanza Mine,” for high-energy-efficient, low-voltage Bitcoin mining.

This year, Intel has a presentation scheduled in the “Featured Chip Releases” category for display your team layout called «Bonanza Mine«, a new chip described as a “low-voltage, energy-efficient Bitcoin mining ASIC.”

The American firm has scheduled the presentation of new hardware for wednesday 23rd february at the International Conference on Circuits and Chip Systems, to be held in the city of San Francisco, in the north of the state of California in the United States. The event will bring together the greatest exponents of the integrated circuit industry who work at the forefront of design.


Intel Prepares High-Performance, Low-Voltage ASIC for Bitcoin Mining

What is described in the event schedule is the only information that is handled in this regard. The title only indicates that it is a high-performance ASIC miner that works at very low voltage. However, this confirms what was recently pointed out by Raja Koduri, head of Intel GPUs, who during an interview He said in december that the company was working on specialized hardware for cryptocurrency mining.

Intel Prepares High-Performance, Low-Voltage ASIC for Bitcoin Mining
Raja Koduri, an Intel executive, had pointed out that the company was working on specialized hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. Source: Intel Gaming/

For now, it’s unclear whether Intel will release its Bonanza Mine as a product to the public or remain confined to a research project.

Should the Intel ASIC be offered to customers in the near future, the company could be a particularly competitive participant in the market of Bitcoin hardware, especially given the focus on high-efficiency, low-power operation.

In fact, would enter into competition with companies like Bitmain, the large Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners that has just presented the Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd model with a liquid cooling system, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Two months earlier, Koduri, from Intel, had indicated that its graphics processing cards (GPU) would not have limitations for cryptocurrency mining, although they would not include special capabilities for it either.

The GPUs that Intel has launched on the market are designed for gaming, but they are also used for Ethereum mining and other cryptocurrencies. All this occurs in a context where there is an important microprocessor shortage and electronic components, which makes the race between competitors more bloody.

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